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craigmcalvey 25-Dec-23
scentman 25-Dec-23
Lewis 25-Dec-23
t-roy 25-Dec-23
huntinelk 25-Dec-23
Bowfreak 25-Dec-23
greg simon 25-Dec-23
milnrick 25-Dec-23
bentstick54 25-Dec-23
Lawdog 27-Dec-23
Ben 27-Dec-23
From: craigmcalvey
Anyone use a hoist on the rear of your utv to put deer in the bed? Looking for something to help my dad load deer as he’s getting older and still likes to hunt on his own. Would be going on a Polaris ranger.


From: scentman
There is a thread on here where a guy used his everywhere... just can't remember which one.

From: Lewis

Lewis 's embedded Photo
Lewis 's embedded Photo
Not sure if this helps but this system works on the front of our Rhino and uses the winch that’s mounted on the front it telescopes out you roll the deer on it and winch it up.My wife can load a 200 lb deer in about 10 minutes and heading to the house where we process it.It was made in La. Good luck Lewis

From: t-roy
I believe the thread scentman may be referencing is the “New House skinning setup” thread. Couple of idea on there.

From: huntinelk

huntinelk's embedded Photo
huntinelk's embedded Photo
One of these hitch receiver hoists that spin would work for loading. Might take a little creativity to rig a carrier for it when not in use.

From: Bowfreak

Bowfreak's Link
IMHO this is the perfect setup for us that no longer are willing to manhandle deer into the back of a side by side.

From: greg simon
I have a Honda pioneer 1000 with a winch in the front. Simply pull out enough winch cable to run it back over the cab across the bed and down to the deer on the ground. Attach to deer and winch it into the bed. Works like a charm. Cable does mark the plastic roof a bit but only cosmetic scratches. It would be simple to install a block of wood or other material for a cable guard. Total extra cost $0. Saving my back wrestling a deer into the bed priceless!

From: milnrick
We've begun using a game sled to get our deer out of the woods. It's pretty easy to tilt the sled on it's side then slide the deer in and flip it over. A small tether connects to our hitch and we drag it home or to our truck.

I just use a rope tied to the back of my ATV to drag the deer to my truck, and then use a hoist that swivels to load the deer into my truck.

From: Lawdog

Lawdog's Link
I bought this to help me load and unload heavy coolers. But it's advertised for game. It's cheap, and I modified it somewhat so that it works better. I moved the winch off center and installed a lighter steel rope,1/4" to 1/18" so that it was less springy. It folds up, and I just keep it in the back of the truck. The top of my tailgate is 38", and this lifts my cooler a little higher than that. Loaded my coolers are at or above 100 lbs, and this worked fine. I've no reason to believe that it won't do game just as well. BTW some of the negative reviews on Amazon's website were guys who just didn't know what they were doing. Viking has a website with lots of other options all of which seem pretty economical.

Good luck

From: Ben
I use a luggage carrier to load the deer on the back of my UTV. Just slide it in the rear hitch and only have the lift the deer about 12-15" one half at a time. I use the winch back at the barn to raise the deer for skinning and quartering. I have a block hanging in the rafters year round to run the winch line thru.

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