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Average Loss of FPS
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Buffalo1 25-Dec-23
Bou'bound 25-Dec-23
JohnMC 25-Dec-23
WV Mountaineer 25-Dec-23
Buffalo1 25-Dec-23
Bowboy 25-Dec-23
Buck Watcher 26-Dec-23
From: Buffalo1
What is the average loss of FPS on 1/2" draw length? Considering decreasing draw length by 1/2". Shooting an Elite Ritual- 46# draw weight. 485 grain total weight arrows.

From: Bou'bound
If your length is off the impact of that is far greater that a half dozen FPS. it’s either right as is or needs to be made right. Get it perfect and you will be fine.

From: JohnMC
I've always heard about 10 fps per inch. So 5 fps??

In my experience, John is right. About 5 for per 1/2”. I know that’s not going to stop you from doing it. You just gotta laugh when you remember the dumb questions ‘bou has asks over the last two months. In comparison, it’s totally legit to see every one’s experience.

From: Buffalo1
Tks for responses. My personal guesstimate is about 5 fps.

I’ve been experimenting with the shorter draw and found it has help to increase my accuracy. As I age, I’m experiencing “shorterness”- figured that would account for shorter arms which equates to shorter draw length.


From: Bowboy
Yep you should lose about 5fps. Every bow is different so it maybe less or more.

From: Buck Watcher
Loss of arrow speed means zero if you shoot better.

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