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Strings and Nocks
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Michael 31-Dec-23
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Beendare 01-Jan-24
From: Michael
I have a question for you traditional guys.

I bought myself a 62” 40 lb recurve for Christmas. The arrows I bought are Easton Legacy shafts. The nocks are not tight fitting to the factory string that is on the bow. When I nock an arrow it will fall off the string as soon as I tilt the bow down. How tight should a nock be on a traditional string? Is there different sized nocks to put on or should I get a different string. I have shot it a few times but the only way I can get the bow drawn is putting some slight finger pressure on the nock.

The goal is to practice a bunch get the arrows tuned and try and shoot a whitetail this fall. I have been hunting with compounds for 35 years now and wanted a different challenge.

From: Ironbow
It should snap on the same way as with a compound. There are some trad nocks that don’t snap but just fit snug. You either need new nocks or a string with more strands or change the serving to something with a thicker diameter.

I enjoy shooting traditional!

From: fdp
Depends who.ypu ask and what kind of nocks are on the arrows.

I'm not a big fan of nocks that are too snug. Are you sure you are getting the arrow seated all the way ? You don't have to get a new string, all you need is to change the serving on that one.

From: fisherick
Your nock should just hold on string while being tilted and release with a slight tap. You should not have a hard snap or movement of string on release. You may need to change nocks, change string serving diameter or place nocks in hot water and squeeze nocks to fit properly. A little trial and error.

fisherick x2

From: Beendare
Yep, fishrick is dead on. Tight only works well with compound.

Reserving is an easy skill to learn.

Two noks is important with a trad bow. Thanks to the world class guys I shot with at the trad nationals almost 2 decades ago for taking the time to explain that to me.

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