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Is Nebraska going to a draw?
Whitetail Deer
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Michael 22-Jan-24
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Michael 23-Jan-24
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From: Michael

Michael's Link
Got an email from Nebraska game and parks today.

The following paragraph is from the email.

Mule Deer Conservation Area permits are renamed to include the name of the unit and “any deer.” The following nonresident “any deer” units are added to the draw: Buffalo, Sandhills, Upper Platte, Plains, Calamus West, Republican, Loup West, Archery and Muzzleloader. Pine Ridge is removed from the resident draw.

One minute they are talking about changing the MDCA to say “any deer” and the next they are talking about turning the following into a draw. So is non resident archery deer going to a draw?

I included the link from the email I received.

From: whipranger
Non res muledeer is already draw in MDCA

From: KB
Quote from a NGPC employee, “any of the permits that have a limited NR quota have been moved to the draw.” Supposedly done to clean up the staggered NR process some and get tags issued a month sooner.

So yes, the 3,000 statewide archery permits will move to a draw. Getting to be almost no point in that tag though other than the price break as most of mule deer country is being added to the MDCA rules. There will still be statewide whitetail tags available OTC after the draw until the total NR quota is met. They cost more than Iowa and Kansas tags these days.

From: Michael
Thank you KB. I thought I was interpreting it correctly.

I hunt whitetails in the SE part of the state. It’s been 5 years since I hunted mulies in the NW corner. Just got to be way to much pressure.

From: Denali
Can someone explain the disparity in the cost of tags. Particularly , as a NR and a group of 4 rifle hunters, which tag/cost are we looking at. Just to verify. Thanks

From: KB
Blake, probably best to call NGPC as things are changing for NR in Nebraska and haven’t completely played out yet for 2024. As you can see in the link provided above a number of units are headed to a draw this year. Rifle only/unit-specific hunts are $285. Depending on which unit you intend to hunt you’ll have to pay attention to the draw deadlines and/or the dates those tags go on sale. Buddy apps are allowed, but they limit to two per app and use the lowest point total in the group. Might be a risky option to apply in the draw if you all intend to hunt together and don’t have points. If you’re looking for a statewide whitetail-only option you can pay ~$700 when first come-first served permits go on sale. With the new quotas and moving so many tag types to a draw I’m sure those will continue to sell out quicker every year.

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