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Scrappy 24-Jan-24
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From: Scrappy

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For those that enjoy hunting Iowa or wish to in the future. These guys over on Iowa whitetails and the IBA put up a tremendous fight every year. The link is the current legislation they are monitoring at the moment.

From: Insheart
Thanks for posting - intetesting read.

The increased trespassing fines should include ALL trespassing, not just for hunting purposes.

From: midwest
Thanks for posting, Scrappy.

From: 4nolz@work
The damn outfitters want special tags so rich guys can pay $5G to hunt meanwhile the wait for us regular schmuck NRs wait 4 years for a bow tag.Lobbyists will pay off enough politicians to eventually get it done.

From: Don K

They've been talking about the forest reserve program for years. Just a tax grab in my opinion if they change it. They complain about water/soil quality in the state already. I don't think those people understand how many small timbers would be logged and farmed if they did that or turned into hog/cattle confinements. I realize we're talking about percentages of the assessed value but many people couldn't afford the additional property taxes and would be forced to sell. I'm sure it will sneak through at some point in the next decade especially if the lowered income tax doesn't work out.

I also agree with 4nolz. It appears from the comments the outfitter bill is dead for now but money will eventually talk. Lucky for me 90% of the outfitters are in the southern half of the state but it's still no good to anyone but the outfitters.

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