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question on single pin sights
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I've only been bow hunting about 8 or so years. I started with a buddies bow that had a 3 pin sight on it. I loved bow hunting so I bought my own used z7 xtreme probably 5 years ago. I love the bow and have no plans to upgrade that. I took one of the pins off and set 4 to 20,30,40,50 yards. My 20, 30, and 50 are dead on. My problem is when I shoot 40 yards I consistently hit high. I cannot move the pin up as it is already touching the 30y pin. I've been aiming low and hit great on a target but I'm not sure how comfortable I am aiming low on a deer. Luckily I'm not sure I've ever had to shoot over 35 yards. Do I just need to find a sight with smaller pins? Pray I continue to not need to shoot around 40? I've considered a single pin sight but I assume you have to adjust that. I kind of like being able to hook on to my d-loop when the deer is coming in. If the deer didn't go where I thought I'd have to unhook, adjust the range, and hook up again on a single pin right? Or am I over thinking that?

From: Matt
How is your 20 not touching your 30 if your 40 is? There is something I am not understanding here.

Based on my experience, single pins are impractical for hunting. Animals move. I tried one for a season after shooting a multi-pin for years and went right back to a multi-pin.

From: WapitiBob
I used a single pin for years and when I forgot what I was doing, it bit me. 3 pins at a minimum for me going forward.

From: Dino
I love the uncluttered site window that a single pin provides. I find that I typically have enough time to move it if needed. My spot Hogg fast Eddie pin post has a dot on the top and one down a bit, I set it for 25 yds and the “bottom “ pin is like 39 . I hunt like that and only move it if needed. I won’t be going back to multiple pins in my housing.

From: Coondog
I also shoot a double fiber vertical pin. Have been doing so for the past three years. Top pin is 20 and second is 37. I also know that the top of my bubble is 51 in case I ever needed to use that for reference in an “oh shit” moment. Most times you have time to adjust, but if you don’t then you can hold high. If you shoot enough in practice without moving your sight at in between yardages, you’ll know how much higher you need to hold over. I may go to a triple vertical pin in the future, but the double works well too while still having the great sight picture of a single pin.

From: bad karma
Fast Eddie Triple Stack here, pins at 20/30/40. Further than that, I have time to dial.

From: RonP
NEIAbowhunter, can you post a photo of the site you have?

From: butcherboy
I’ve shot single pin since there was no such thing as a vertical single pin. I set it at 35 yds and good to go from close range all the way out to 45-50 yds without moving it. You just need to shoot your bow and learn how to aim at different distances. I only move it while practicing longer distances. If I move it on an animal then it has to be farther than 45 yds. For me to to take a shot on an animal at further distances it needs to calm and not on edge.

From: 12yards
As butcherboy pointed out, I think single pins are for fast bow setups. I don't have a fast bow, well, I do, but it's only 50#s. So I use a 3 pin slider, a BG Whitetail. I hunt with it set at 20, 30 and 40 yards. Which is farther than I am willing to shoot while hunting. But the slider feature allows me to practice at longer distances. I think it is the most versatile sight for my type of hunting.

From: Bowfreak
If you have a dual track sight it is possible that your 30 and 40 are in the same track and your 20 and 50 are in the same track. This might not allow the 30 and 40 to be moved close enough together. If this is the case, rearrange pins so that 20 and 40 are on the same track and 30 and 50 are on the same track.

From: midwest
^^^^What he said.

From: Bowboy
Agree with Bowfreak

From: Blood
Another thing you might want to look at…..set your peep and sight/sight housing window at 40 or 50 yards, rather than at 20. You might be overcompensating your aiming to bring the 40 yard pin to the “center” of your sight picture, causing you to anchor different at longer yardage.

I also would try what Bowfreak said. Good info!

From: Fulldraw
Stagger your pins. When you took one out, you most likely no longer have them separated, making you touch pins.

Use your 20 at 20, change your 40 to thirty, and your thirty to 40…you shouldn’t touch anymore. This is all on the assumption that your site has two slots that your pins sit in

From: Dale06
I suspect that the above comments solved your problem. I hunted 20/30/40 three pin sight for decades. Three years ago I switched to a single pin slider and like it better.

Thanks Bowfreak. That worked. I noticed the dual track but it still looked like they'd hit. I've got them switched around and shot some in this unusually warm weather.

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