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Favorite 5 pin Bow Sight
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From: bowhunt
I have a Montana Black Gold Ascent 5 pin sight. I don’t use the slider function ever. The site broke. Slider part stripped out or something. Never use it, so not sure how.

Need a new site

It seems like the Montana Black Gold sights have some of the brightest pins. I end up being in thick timber hunting quite often. If I’m remembering correctly the spot hog pins weren’t as bright on the last one I had.

Looking for suggestions:

5 pin, no slider, 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment


Cheesehead Mike's embedded Photo
Cheesehead Mike's embedded Photo
CBE Engage

From: bowhunt
I’ll check into that brand, just without the slider


From: Bou'bound
Spot Hogg.

From: DanaC
Have you contacted the manufacturer about the issue you're having? Could be a simple fix that saves you a lot of money.

From: Blood
Why don’t you just take your housing off your current sight and buy the non-slider attachment? MBG has those with 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments…..

From: bowhunt

bowhunt's embedded Photo
bowhunt's embedded Photo
I might do that.

I have also noticed the notched block that clamps the verticals adjustment block seems bent, and may break. I have read this is a design flaw, and people have had the sight break there.

Nick Muche had a story on here where that happened to him on a caribou hunt.

With two separate issues, thinking about just trying a different brand possibly.

If it is under warranty, I would just sell after repair if I chose to try a different brand.


From: carcus
My old axcel sights have worked flawlessly, I can't speak for the newer ones

From: X-Master
Montana Black Gold has a lifetime warranty and if you call them and box it up and send it in, they will either repair it or replace it and return it to you as good as new. Pretty simple - they have great customer service.

From: Joe Holden
I think an Axcel would do you well for durability and pin brightness. Have been using an Accutouch for the past two years after a long run with Spot Hogg and Black Golds. Don't foresee a switch anytime soon.

Canyon pounder!!!

From: VAMtns
Spot Hogge Bare Bones

From: 12yards
BG Widow Maker was my favorite.

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