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Hunt with the Shoshone crew!
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Due to a cancellation, we have a spot open on an awesome group hunt with yours truly, another member of our team and another family in South Africa this June. This is a family trip with an awesome outfitter. Several teenage kids are going to round out this awesome family experience. Bow or rifle is welcome. We are also filming this hunt for our YouTube channel and access to the "B role" footage is included. Here is what is included and the logistics: Arrival is June 19th and hunt days are June 20th through the 26th. Departure day is June 27th. Airport pick and arrival/departure days are included as is all of the traditional safari inclusions and trimmings. Package deals are available or a la cate type hunting. Kids hunting with a parent can hunt a very, very discounted fee.

If you are interested, just shoot me a PM. I have been on Bowsite personally since, well, the beginning basically and professionally with Shoshone about a year. We do several group hunts a year, mostly for 1st timers wanting to experience the Africa we all love.


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