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Carswell Lake Outfitters LTD
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TSOV 07-Feb-24
Muddyboots 12-Feb-24
Shug 12-Feb-24
bowonly 13-Feb-24
Hancock West 13-Feb-24
caribou77 16-Feb-24
From: TSOV

TSOV's embedded Photo
TSOV's embedded Photo
Still have some spring openings for Carswell Lake Outfitters. Formerly Lone Wolf Camps. Giant bears every spring. Have a few spots left in June. And a new fall season for the first week of September. Fall is offered at $3400 plus tags. Contact me for more information!

From: Muddyboots
Was looking for a spring bear hunt, so opened your thread. For what it is worth, on this thread is mention of Carswell Lake Outfitters, TSOV, Sovereign Adventures and Lone Wolf Camps. I have to say I would not book with an outfitter that doesn't seem to know who or what he is. Perhaps you might want to clean up your website and reduce the clutter. Just a suggestion.

From: Shug
Great outfit wonderful people!! If you want a chance at a great bear don’t hesitate

From: bowonly
I'm thinking they don't have the time to fix their website for killing monster bears!

From: Hancock West
I wouldn't hesitate one bit.

From: caribou77
Muddyboots definitely don’t go. They definitely don’t shoot monster bears every year. Hate it when they post all their tiny stuff in the bear thread every year…

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