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DIY Private Land Hunts - NW Colorado
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RockyMountainRanches's embedded Photo
RockyMountainRanches's embedded Photo

RockyMountainRanches's Link
Rocky Mountain Ranches, Ltd. specializes in non-guided hunts for elk, deer and antelope on premium private land. This gives you and your group the opportunity to hunt on some of the best properties that NW Colorado has to offer, ranging from mountains to desert and all terrain in-between.

Our non-guided hunts can provide a more rewarding big game experience for you and your group. We will meet you the day before your hunt starts to take a tour of the property, provide a map, have a safety meeting and discuss hunting strategies.

RMR's success since 1995 has been due to our high client retention & quality properties offered at the lowest possible prices. Contact us to discuss which hunt is right for you.

Archery Elk - $2900 3500ac High Country Ranch (unit 131) - Sept. 2-6 - Fills with 6 hunters - 6 spots available - Either sex

4000ac Moderate Ranch (unit 13) - Sept. 8-12, Sept. 14-18 - Fills with 4 hunters - 4 spots available - 4 pre-set blinds on water holes - Either sex Rifle Elk - $3200

3500ac High Country Ranch (unit 131) - Nov. 9-13 - Fills with 6 hunters - 2 spots available - Bull

Ranching for Wildlife Rifle Elk - $4200 13,500ac Migratory Hunt (unit 3/301) - Fills with 6 hunters - 3 spots available Nov. 26-30 - 2 spots available Dec. 11-15 - Either sex

Rifle Deer - $2900 3500ac High Country Ranch (unit 131) - Oct. 31 - Nov. 3 - Fills with 2 hunters - 2 spots available

4000ac Moderate Ranch (unit 13) - Oct. 31 - Nov. 3 - Fills with 2-3 hunters - 2-3 spots available

Late Cow Hunts - $1400 Various Ranches and Dates available - Late Nov. - Early Dec.

All hunts are non-guided on private property. Prices are per person and do not include the cost of your hunting license.

For more info, please visit our website: RMR is always available to answer your questions at: [email protected] ~or~ by phone: (970) 439-1894

From: goelk
price per hunter or group

From: GFL
That would obviously be per hunter.

From: Seahorse
For that kind of money, I'll go buy a truck load of steaks and not have to deal with the guts or the driving. Can't believe what "hunting" has turned into.

From: Mule Power
Yeah you should do that. Pick up some tofu too. If this is expensive in your opinion you haven’t looked into elk and mulie hunts lately. Or the cost of steaks!

From: drycreek
Seahorse, when you find elk steaks in a grocery store, let me know……..

Those prices look very good IMO. I seems hard to find DIY private ground hunts for anything nowadays. Glad to see it still exists.

From: sasquatch
Just go buy a ranch seahorse. Then you can hunt for “free”

Next to the last sentence with contact info states “ prices per hunter” license not included.

From: Jaquomo
Those are good prices by CO standards.

Farm raised elk steaks are currently selling online for around $32-45 a pound depending upon the cut. Burger is $11-12 a pound. Tenderloins are $85 a pound. Seahorse is living in the 1960s, apparently.

From: bowyer45
It's a rich mans world, Abba

From: Seahorse
bowyer45 nailed it. Always makes me laugh when modern hunters mock you for not blowing thousands of dollars on what used to be free for the asking. I miss the 80s.

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