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Poachers Kill 26 Deer With .22 At Night
Whitetail Deer
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Zbone 08-Feb-24
JohnMC 08-Feb-24
spike78 08-Feb-24
fdp 08-Feb-24
grizzley21 08-Feb-24
Dale06 08-Feb-24
Supernaut 08-Feb-24
Tracker 08-Feb-24
Hunts_with_stick 08-Feb-24
bentstick54 08-Feb-24
Kingntuff 08-Feb-24
JohnMC 09-Feb-24
8point 09-Feb-24
Insheart 09-Feb-24
fuzzy 09-Feb-24
From: Zbone

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Should have string'm up...

"Poachers Sentenced After Shooting 26 Deer at Night with .22 Caliber Rifle"

From: JohnMC
Certainly didn't throw the book at them.

From: spike78
I have to say those sentences were harsher than a lot of others I’ve seen. Scumbags could at least use the meat that’s the worst part about it.

From: fdp
We had an issue similar to this up around Lampasas a few years ago. They were selling the meat commercially.

From: grizzley21
a 75 year hunting ban,,, that should teach him

From: Dale06
75 year ban, he will ignore that. Wish I had been the judge.

From: Supernaut
I'm glad they caught them. Those skunks are from the same county as me.

Kudos to the Pennsylvania Game Commission officers for pinching these 3 a-holes.

From: Tracker
Well thats the first time I have seen a poacher actually receive jail time. Good on PA.

They do that every night here in Pittsburgh starting feb . It’s called snipers. They hire them. I used to have fun hunting my property. Now there are so few deer here I’d rather hunt in oh then hunting pa. I don’t see how poaching is illegal if they can hire snipers at night that bait and use silencers. How and why is that legal?

Yeah, he didn’t have a hunting license when he was poaching. So ban him from being able to hunt for 75 years. Makes perfect sense to me. Need more jail time and financial restitutions/ penalties.

From: Kingntuff
Happens all time it will never change! Some do it to feed families some do it for thrill. Our justice system sucks. At least it wasnt a armament gun.

From: JohnMC
I'd guess the jail time had more to do with him being a felon in possession of a firearm than for shooting the deer. $1600 fine for killing at least 5 deer and no restitution? To me that is a joke. If I was inclined to poach deer (I am not) the risk of getting a similar fine would not give me much pause. These guys weren't shooting a deer to eat or even because it was trophy. They were shooting them just to leave and rot. I'd guess 26 was the tip on the ice berg.

I like the stiff times on losing hunting license. However I tend to agree they will go hunt anyways. Especially when they know they will only get up small fine if caught.

From: 8point
Punishment should be incremental and mandatory. Slap on the wrist for one offence, a month in the slammer for each additional offence up to three, then beyond that felony charges with a year plus jail time. Monetary fines for as much as you can squeeze out of them.

From: Insheart
Hunts- with-stick.

Who hires the "snipers"??? And for what reason??

From: fuzzy
For my area in the the early 90s they'd have been considered underachievers

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