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Pontiac Lodge Quebec
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ILbowhntr 09-Feb-24
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ILbowhntr 21-Feb-24
Bou'bound 22-Feb-24
From: ILbowhntr
Anyone ever bear hunt with these guys. Got a couple pretty good personal reviews, but not much of anything on the internet.

I started hunting with Pontiac Lodge in 2019. Have hunted there every year since excluding covid years. I went up the first time with a friend of mine that has hunted there for 20+ years. I will be booking trip every spring.

Hi, I can't tell you about the hunting experience as I do not know the outfitter, but I know about the area and bear hunting in Quebec in general. The area has a lot of bears (for Quebec) in that area, but don't expect to shoot a giant, a 200 lbs bear is a good bear, pretty much anywhere in Quebec. Being a guy that seriously hunts bear here in Quebec, if I lived in your parts, I would definitely head to Manitoba for better quality hunt if bear hunting is your only focus ... My 2 cents !

From: ILbowhntr
Ended up booking a hunt in Saskatchewan.

From: Bou'bound
That was smart

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