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Looking for an eBike for your fall hunt?
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eBike Jeff 15-Feb-24
From: eBike Jeff

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Quietkat Apex Pro
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Quietkat Apex Pro

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Hey Bowsite Friends:

eBike Generation has a great offer going on Quietkat ebikes (Apex Pro, Apex Sport, Ranger). We've lowered our prices by 10% on the site. If you order a bike right now, Quietkat has a rebate program going where they will send you $1100 worth of accessories for free. There are two accessory bundles to choose from. You'll get a set of panniers, an explorer light, a mult-tool, and either a solar charger or an extra battery.

As a special offer to bowsite members, I'm offering an additional 5% off of these Quietkat bikes. I don't think you can beat this deal anywhere. Use the discount code BOWSITE in your cart to see the discount.

Our special offer on Bakcou bikes ends on Monday 2/19. Get 5% off any Bakcou bike and we'll ship a free trailer of your choice with the bike. Enter the discount code SWEETHEART in your cart to see the discount, and add a note to your order indicating which Bakcou trailer you'd like.

Thanks and have a great day.

eBike Jeff

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