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Bow Let Off Question
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aDrenalinJunkie21 15-Feb-24
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Buck Watcher 19-Feb-24
Hi there,

I'm new to working on my own bows and I ran in to something I just wanted to ask someone who knows more than me. I have a Mathews Halon X, and I originally was getting a ready of 58 lbs - with the limb bolts backed out about 3 turns. This wouldn't necessarily be a problem, but the bow has 70 pound limbs. That being said, when I cranked it all the way up, it was reading 66 lbs. When I first tested my bow with the bolts cranked all the way, I was getting 69.6. I have a couple ideas, but hopefully someone can tell me which one is right:

1. The cables are stretched out (I have put probably a couple thousand of shots through them this year, as I was preparing for a tournament) which is impacting draw weight. 2. The bow is out of spec (I measured ATA at 35.25 inches, whereas in spec would be 35 - this could be because the cables are stretched). I checked the brace height, and that looks right (about 7 inches, which is what I saw was the advertised brace). 3. I changed let off mods to 75 percent, and that is causing some decrease in the overall draw weight of the bow somehow.

While testing, I threw on my old Mathews Drenalin with 60 lbs limbs, and the draw weight reading came in at perfectly 60. But then the let off came in at about 75 percent - which wouldn't be a problem, except the advertised let offs for the bow are 65 and 80 (i'm assuming I should be at 80). Those strings haven't been done in years, so I'm assuming that probably has something to do with it. But if you have insight on that. Much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

From: Matt
The first step would be to twist the string and cables to the specified length and see where that puts your poundage. They have likely crept (what you are referring to as “stretch”, but that is something different) over time. That can cause the ATA to be out of spec.

I don’t know how mod changes might impact #.

From: Buck Watcher

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This may help.

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