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Clover and chicory together?
Whitetail Deer
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I enjoy having chicory for deer. So far in my food plotting I have always mixed it with clover. But what I have had trouble With broadleafs and ended up spraying resulting in dead chicory.

How do you guys do it?

I have a clover patch about 1 acre that was looking great last fall, I am thinking strongly about frost seeding is one chicory into it.

I am also going to try and establish a new plot. I have thought about fall planting in it with the idea of using oats or rye as a nurse crop and having a thick semi weed free stand the following spring?

Thanks for any feed back.


From: Pat Lefemine
Imox controls weeds and grass and is labeled safe for clover and chicory.

I hadn’t looked at that. I have been using gly, 24 db, and cleth.

Thanks Pat.

I started a new plot late last summer and used oats as a nurse crop with the clover. I used oats because winter rye will grow back in the spring. I had deer eating the oats up until the first hard frost then they died. Deer then fed on the new clover under the oats. I plan to frost seed more clover this spring.

From: Stressless

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I've had clover chicory and Birdsfoot Trefoil (BFT) plots for a number of years now. You can review the tale on this forum at the link in this post.

I've used IMOX and then spot sprayed broadleaves with Butyrac rather than Gly and 24d, Butyrac won't kill Clover or BFT. I generally spot spray broadleaves in June and Aug. Trimming your plots, removing the broadleaves leafs, once or twice a year helps a bunch as well.

This is in May '23 from bare dirt in Sep '22.


Here is a a utilization pic of a 3 y/o Clover Chicory/BFT plot in Sep '23.



The oats and rye nurse crop is spot on, I would add Crimson Clover (annual) in the fall nurse crop as well to build soil, take the brunt of the browse pressure off the perennial clover and chicory. Note you can annually over seed oats and rye into the legume plots to create a symbiotic relationship in the crops.

Inoculate your legumes to fix Nitrogen.

Annually sow cereal grains into the legumes to scavenge the fixed Nitrogen.

Good Luck, let us know how it goes.

From: Mark Watkins
IMOX works good (not perfect) on clover and chicory…in terms of killing weeds and grasses. Have used it for 4-5 years.

Thanks for the info Stressless and bringing your thread up….I’ll have to try your spot spraying tip with butyrac.


From: BullBuster
I have never had success with frost seeding chicory, which is quite expensive. Has anybody else?

From: Stressless
BullBuster: Yes, chicory does quite good for us in planting zone 6a. Usually sown in late Feb to mid March.

From: Catscratch
I Throw n Mow plots a lot with good success, but frost seeding has never been very productive for me.

Thanks for the info! That thread was very interesting and informative stressless.

I have frost seeded clover/chicory in the past and had it come up well but killed it off as mentioned above.0

From: Bow Crazy
Not sure if this was mentioned, 24DB will kill the chicory I believe. For my perennial mix food plots I only use Clethodim for grasses sprayed in the spring when grasses are 4-6" high. I mow only once at the end of July/beginning of August depending on rain. You can spray for grasses shortly after that if needed. That's it for me. I do over seed lightly each spring. Lately I've been doing a forbs mix. It's an awesome plot, been going strong for 5-6 years. BC

Great info. I have about an acre of existing clover plots in various locations across our property in SW Michigan, two were recently planted last fall, I would like to add chicory to them by frost seeding; what rate/lbs per acre would be optimum? Also, regarding Imox, what does the label say for rate or what rate is working for others successfully? Appreciate any advice.

From: Osceola
Previously, I have read that you want to apply a rate of 4-8oz per acre. I use 8 oz. per acre. You will need to know how much water your sprayer sprays per acre to figure the correct mix.

Use a surfactant like Nitro-Surf with IMOX. Spray when the weeds are extremely small (My rule is inch tall or less). I spray the beginning of April when the weeds are up and starting to grow yet very, very small. It seems that the IMOX does have a residual effect for up to 30 days (depending on temp, rain, etc.)

My mistakes in the past have come from spraying too late verses too early. Once weeds are of a certain size, I have had less luck with IMOX being effective.

Thank you. I use/spray 20 gallons per acre. Appreciate the response.

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