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From: Zbone

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Not only in walleye tournaments, seems weighting fish is a thing now:

"Did a Kansas Angler Stuff His “State Record” Crappie with Steel Ball Bearings?"


From: spike78
For the life of me I can’t see how anybody would be proud of a record from cheating.

From: jjs
Back in 1975 I was in a Bemidji, Mn. bait shop and a young gent and his buddies brought in a large mouth bass to be weighed for the weekly biggest fish. The young lady put the live fish on the scale and it started to spit out minnows with lead sinkers in them, I think there was 4 minnows. The lady exclaimed that the bass must of really been hungry, it weight close to 5# and the lady told the gent it was the heaviest yet for the week, the gent was red face and took the fish and left, his two buddies were back stepping out the door when the fish started to spit out the loaded bait. The ones that were watching just started laughing very hard, the lady just looked at us with a confused expression. The price was just a small trophy for the largest fish of the week that was put out by the Chamber of Commerce.

From: HDE
It's all about inches and lbs...

From: Paul@thefort

Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
I caught these trout , ice fishing yesterday. The largest was 23 inch with a huge girth. The only items in his gut was a ton of minnows. Might have been a contest winner. :)

From: PECO2

From: Beendare
How does a guy doing that live with himself?

Must be OK for him to justify screwing others over....shoplifting, etc. Some people just need a good ass whooping

From: keepemsharp
Just had a big crappie over ruled in Kansas because it had ball bearings in its guts. SICK

From: Zbone
keepemsharp - See first post, the topic post...

From: fuzzy
Just dumb.

From: rock74
Whenever there is money or prizes involved someone will cheat.

From: elkmtngear
When you monetize ANYTHING, there will be lies /cheating (eg: Covid 19)

From: LBshooter
This is just another case of anglers/hunters wanting to be the best or biggest trophy. If your going to stuff a fish don’t use metal lol use stones or fish .

From: Stix

Stix's embedded Photo
Stix's embedded Photo
I found a bunch few shad in the belly of this guy. Could have tipped the scales in my favor

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