Easy winter in MT
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From: SBH
This winter has been about as warm and dry as I can remember in over 20 years in Southwest MT. Nice break for the animals as the last few winters have been absolutely brutal. I don't expect much winter kill this year, they all look fat and happy. Wolves are having a harder time killing in these conditions too. I see some ski resorts in UT and CA and CO have been getting hammered though? What kind of winter are you guys seeing in your neck of the woods?

From: 12yards
Warmest winter on record in MN and it looks to extend into spring.

From: t-roy
^^^Same here in Iowa. There is zero frost in the ground here, and has been very little for most of the winter. Normally we would have 3’-5’.

From: Grey Ghost
Colorado has 90-100% snowpack, or water equivalent, so it's been a normal winter, so far.

From: TRnCO
winter isn't done,....yet...

From: cnelk

cnelk's Link
Colorado's snowpack was updated yesterday - see link

From: Scoot
No, winter isn't done yet. However, it's almost March and the 10 day forecast calls for highs in the 40s and 50s the whole way through. March could certainly become a lion at any time, but it's been the easiest winter ever in NW MN.

From: Mpdh
If you’ve lived your whole life in an area that normally has winter like conditions every year, this kind of weather sucks. The last 2 winters here, I’ve gone ice fishing 3 times! Some people think 60 degrees in February is wonderful. I can’t stand not being able to do the things that involve normal winter weather.

Been warm and dry(lack of snow) here as well. Been that way for 4 years now. Only hooked my snow blades up once this year to my trucks. Maybe 10” that snow. The rest of the snows it’s been a couple inches that melts off in a couple days.

It sucks to outfit a truck with a $10,000 snow plow and not get any snow. It really sucks if you’ve done that to more than one truck.

Hopefully it snows a bunch in March and April here. Which is when we get the most snow anyway. Be nice to validate those purchases sooner rather than later.

It’s been cool here but, not cold. Lows in the upper teens and low 20’s every morning. Warming up nicely this whole week. Warming to 60 today. Rain is coming.

From: montnatom
NE MT has been nice except for one short stretch. Will need some moisture soon though. Bird populations look great and healthy as do the coyotes that nobody is shooting. However, even though I have a couple nice herds of healthy mule deer hanging around, numbers are down, and whitetails are scarce, should help in the recovery process but we are still a couple years from anywhere "normal" numbers

From: soccern23ny
50s and 60s in Colorado with a chance of rain. At least our snow pack is decent/average

From: midwest
One of the nicest Februarys I can ever remember in IA. Sure would like to see some more moisture, tho.

It’s been pretty mild so far in SE Wyoming. Not much snow early, but we’ve been getting a little more the past 2-3 weeks. We had one fairly short cold spell where it got down to -23°, but other than that it hasn’t been bad. The mountains have been picking up some decent snow lately too, but definitely could use some more. On the plus side, at least the critters are getting somewhat of a break after last winter’s devastation.

From: TEmbry
Snowiest winter of all time so far for us up in Alaska.

Extremely warm the last 10 days though so we’ve already lost feet of it thankfully

From: SBH
Crazy how it varies. We will need some moisture but a few wet spring snows can go a long ways versus all of the dry snow we normally in Jan/Feb. Time will tell,

From: 808bowhunter

808bowhunter's embedded Photo
808bowhunter's embedded Photo
It’s been a cold winter here. Hit the 50s a bunch. Animals doing great though

From: peterk1234
I worry about the rivers in Montana. How we get rain in the spring.

From: Gileguy
Average snowfall for my location in northern Wisconsin is 131". I used the tractor to blow snow once this winter, ground is 70% bare today. Last summer we were very dry, this won't help but the 3 deer we have left needed a break.

From: jcurri
Illinois is real warm. "Frost seeded" in 60 degrees weather in fricken February

From: Tony
The warmest and lowest snowfall in saskatchewan I have ever seen. Have not even been able to use a snowmobile this winter.

From: sbschindler
almost inevitable were going to have some huge fires this summer,

From: Wildan2
Northern NY,Canadian border;plowed twice maybe a total of 14 inchs.Normal about 100 or so.Cold today,13 degrees,back to the 40's tomorrow.Very warm winter for us.

From: Tilzbow
Up to 12’ or more of snow coming to the parts Sierras starting today and continuing through Sunday. Yep, that’s feet, not inches. There’s a 3 day long blizzard warning (winter storm warning on steroids) right now through Sunday in the Sierras with winds up to 110 MPH (last night this was 150 MPH so NWS backed it down a little).

This storm should push the Sierras over 100% for the season.

From: Pop-r
WV I'd think of it as a blessing to not have to use them. They're not going anywhere and they aren't getting worn out.

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