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B3 vs truglo boa vs scott strap
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nchunter 28-Feb-24
Grunt-N-Gobble 28-Feb-24
Tilzbow 28-Feb-24
tradi-doerr 29-Feb-24
Kurt 29-Feb-24
From: nchunter
I am looking to buy the Carter like mike 2 release. It seems there are three different straps out there for it. Does anyone have any experience with the above straps? I shot the scott mongoose for over twenty years now. I heard the new scott strap is narrower then the one I have now. I dont like the idea of a single screw on the B3 holding the strap in place. The BOA system reminds me of something that will break when you really need it. Just wondering if anyone has experience with these straps and what they prefer. Thanks

I have the Nockon release with the Boa strap and it does fine. However I do prefer the buckle strap on my Carter that I hunt with.

I too have thought about getting the Like Mike 2. You can always buy just a buckle strap from Lancaster that would work. It's what I've been considering.

From: Tilzbow
I’ve used the Scott buckle strap on my Carter releases for 10 years. They work fine but they stretch and also can’t be finely adjusted to fit the wrist just right. I’ve been using the BOA straps on my two Like Mike releases for about 5 months now and so far I prefer the BOA over the buckle strap. I’m ordering a Like Mike II and will order it with a BOA strap.

From: tradi-doerr
Been using the Boa on my Carter for since they first came out, I like the ability to micro adjust to a perfect fit.

From: Kurt
The "Single Screw" that holds the nylon strap on my B3 Hawk is very secure and now over three years old. I have zero worries that it will come loose or pull through the heavy nylon strap so the head comes loose.

I actually had more worries about system using the two small machine screws that held the compression bar that retained the nylon strap on my old Scott Itty Bitty Goose release. Turns out I used for it for over 15 years and it held the strap just fine as well. And the old Scott release people from that era of Scott are the B3 people these days....they know their way around releases!

As per the strap system, the B3 strap is about like the buckle strap on the long available Scott releases and works just fine. I do NOT like velcro straps.

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