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Your favorite bowhunting setup
Whitetail Deer
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fdp 29-Feb-24
Grey Ghost 29-Feb-24
Bowfreak 29-Feb-24
Carbon Defiant 34 29-Feb-24
midwest 29-Feb-24
Mint 29-Feb-24
Zbone 29-Feb-24
KHNC 29-Feb-24
Zbone 29-Feb-24
12yards 29-Feb-24
fuzzy 29-Feb-24
Huntiam 29-Feb-24
Blood 29-Feb-24
buckeye 29-Feb-24
Beendare 01-Mar-24
From: fdp
I'm a big fan of similar areas. Especially woody points that extend several yards out into the field.

From: Grey Ghost
Mine is a big ancient cedar tree near my pond, with limbs that drape to the ground all the way around it. I whittled the middle of it out, along with 4 shooting windows. It's a deadly setup for deer and turkeys, morning or evening. I call it the "Train Station". LOL

From: Bowfreak
My favorite is downwind of a big pile of corn. :)

At the top of various ravines with the right wind on travel routes in November. In an elevated treestand preferably at a crop corner 40 yards in the timber.

From: midwest
Funnel in between bedding areas.

From: Mint
Mine is in between a thicket that is about 30 yards and a pond that is 50 yards from the thicket. This zone is open hardwoods with a few big white oaks.

From: Zbone
Pinch points and inside corners...

From: KHNC
Bowfreak took my spot. :)

From: Zbone
You guys flip a coin, or draw straws, or first come first serve at the pile...8^)))

From: 12yards
During the rut when bucks are on the prowl I want to be in a funnel along a travel corridor. Earlier I want to be in a funnel or know trail between bedding and food sources.

From: fuzzy
Insulated camo bibs over a brown or green sweater , brown carrhart chore coat when needed, brown or green sock-hat, alpaca socks, barn boots

From: Huntiam
My favorite tree is in Ohio not too far from pats place, in a swamp. But here in Virginia it’s a 3.5-4hr walk to a low gap, on national forest..

From: Blood
I have no idea what it’s like to hunt over an ag field, food plot or corn pile - so I have no reference for a great stand. But…

My perfect sit would be a scrape line. First week of November. Morning sit. Hardwoods on a ridge. With acorns raining all around me. Waiting for the crunch of deer walking toward me. And placing one perfect arrow through the lungs of the beast.

From: buckeye
Sometimes it takes seasons of sitting in almost the right spot until you hone in on that 40 yard circle of perfection. Sometimes you find it right away. Early November morning on the upwind side of a bench next to a creek is hard to beat.

Finger draw heading out into the tall grass!

From: Beendare
Nobody saying it's their back deck? grin

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