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Scent control, how particular ????
Whitetail Deer
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midwest 29-Feb-24
ahawkeye 29-Feb-24
caribou77 29-Feb-24
Glunt@work 29-Feb-24
scentman 29-Feb-24
From: midwest
I worry more about wind and smart access to the stand.

From: ahawkeye
I used to buy all the scent free\cover scent stuff I could. Now I use dial soap and head and shoulders. Then I check the wind and decide my hunting spot and my path in. After watching videos of blood hounds find people trying to trick their nose I decided I was wasting time and money. I still get down to a t shirt only to avoid sweating and getting cold later. Works out pretty well.

From: caribou77
I once cared so much it wasn’t funny. Then I’d watch my brother go out in blue jeans and 3 day old work clothes and get winded by just as many deer as me…. Midwest has it. Good entry/exit and wind. Good luck doesn’t hurt either

From: Glunt@work
Zero effort to gontrol scent other than normal hygene. Lots of effort to control where my scent goes.

From: scentman
Wind direction, my real concern is going to my stand... will go thru a ravine to the back of my stand to avoid my scent trail. I use creeks and drainage ditches, never ever let my clothes touch anything on way to stand. I watched a doe wind my scent from a stalk of Goldenrod I must have rubbed against, that was 40 yds from my stand.

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