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Your favorite hunting attire
Whitetail Deer
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WV Mountaineer 29-Feb-24
Grey Ghost 29-Feb-24
VAMtns 29-Feb-24
Bou'bound 29-Feb-24
Old School 29-Feb-24
spike78 29-Feb-24
Canepole 29-Feb-24
fdp 29-Feb-24
TMac 29-Feb-24
jjs 29-Feb-24
Charlie Rehor 29-Feb-24
btnbuck 29-Feb-24
Blood 29-Feb-24
Buskill 29-Feb-24
Nyati 29-Feb-24
buckeye 29-Feb-24
WI Shedhead 01-Mar-24
RonP 01-Mar-24
wisconsinteacher 01-Mar-24
Glunt@work 01-Mar-24
ahawkeye 01-Mar-24
ahawkeye 01-Mar-24
Starfire 01-Mar-24
Recurve Man 01-Mar-24
be still 01-Mar-24
Wrangler outdoor pants. And One of three Kuiu jackets on top. I wear a vest a lot too My favorite is a mossy oak walmart special I bought 25 years ago. 400 weight fleece. When it gets cold, I like my Sitka fanatic if I’m bowhunting.

From: Grey Ghost
For years, I've scoffed at high dollar hunting attire, but I have to admit, my 2 year old set of Sitka Stratus pants and jacket have become my favorite choice for deer season.

From: VAMtns
Old military woodland camo 6 pocket pants and jackets to match , some larger to allow for extra layers some smaller for warmer days . The pattern has never been bested IMO

From: Bou'bound
It’s tough not to love a nice $2100 Sitka full layering system when the opportunities to spend a little time in the Deer woods rolls around come fall

From: Old School
Cold Weather - Old Cabelas Outfitters Wool - Bibs and Coat. Favorite by far.

Warmer weather - Day One ASAT Pants, vest and archers jacket.

From: spike78
My Scentlok is just fine with me. I’ve had bulky hunting clothes my entire life and this is like luxury lol. All bought at sale prices.

From: Canepole
VAMtns, I agree with the woodland camo. I hunt out of a lot of red cedar trees here in Okla. I blend in great and those old BDU's are one of the least expensive things I spend my money on for bow hunting.

From: fdp
My favorite is a pair of jeans and a green or tan long sleeved shirt.

From: TMac
Kuiu pants….fanatic hoody

Sweatpants and sweatshirts. I know everyone says stay away from cotton but it keeps me warm and VERY comfortable.

From: jjs
I am usually in a ghillie 95% and layer accordingly to the weather, wool is hard to beat in cold conditions but the body is full of metal and cold weather has been reduced, rust never sleeps.

I’m with bou, All Sitka, all the time. Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think….

From: btnbuck
I have a lighter colored leafy wear suit that I wear a lot since it helps break up my outline. Under that is usually my Grey Wolf woolens bibs and my Pnuma vest.

From: Blood
SKRE hardscrabble pants until it gets cold. Then Nomad Cotton Wood pants. Up top - merino wool base layer. Plus 4 other layers. And Skre Hardscrabble jacket. Until it gets cold then Nomad Cottonwood jacket.

From: Buskill
I really like my plain green First Lite wool pants and a camo merino fleece hoodie made by Duck Camp

From: Nyati
My new favorite for last 4-5 years is a heated vest

From: buckeye
Whatever cotton realtree crap it was I bought at Walmart 15 years ago. Same thing when it gets cold, just with more long johns on .

From: WI Shedhead
My wife came home with a close out from dicks (which we no longer patronize) about 5 years ago. It was an under armour insulated bibs. I only wear them a couple times a year on the frigid days- but damn are those things warm- fanatic jacket on top been inn-10 temps no worries. Great product and it was like $75- retail $225

From: RonP
i like the kuiu kutana pants if not too cold. i also like the sitka timberline pants. i have duluth base layer long johns and if needed, cabela's heavy weight long johns.

i have a cheap base layer long sleeve shirt i get from amazon and i wear a kuiu peloton 97 or 200 over it depending on temperature. these are fantastic for me and the way i hunt. the only downside is the kuiu peloton is not very durable.

my next layer over the kuiu peloton is a sitka mountain vest when needed. it really helps cut the wind and with the right hat and gloves i can handle some colder temperatures and not over-heat as i climb and move about.

My tan Carhartt stocking hat. I've had it for years, and it has seen a lot of deer, turkeys and coyotes go down.

From: Glunt@work
Elk season = Microtex pants, cotton tee, cheap camo hoodie, windstopper vest.

Cold weather = Wooltimate pants, vest and Outfitter fleece coat.

From: ahawkeye
Smartwhool base layer, silenthide pants. Cabella's camo shirt, jacket or rain set as needed. If things get cold I adjust my outer layer, or add a goose down vest. Have not spent the money on Sitka yet, I just can't justify the cost if I'm staying warm with what I have.

From: ahawkeye
Smartwhool base layer, silenthide pants. Cabella's camo shirt, jacket or rain set as needed. If things get cold I adjust my outer layer, or add a goose down vest. Have not spent the money on Sitka yet, I just can't justify the cost if I'm staying warm with what I have.

Sitka and minus 33

From: Starfire
I got a huntworth bib and jacket last year and I love it. its super warm, quiet and you can I like how the pockets are arranged.

From: Recurve Man
All predator patterns for me. I have hidden wolf wool and G2 whitetail series.


From: be still
Y’all sound rich. I guess you can say I really don’t have hunting clothes. I Wear my regular tan or green colored pants I wear to work and everywhere else. Same way with my shirts. I do have 2 pair of cheap camo coveralls though that I also work in. One thin pair for warm weather and one thicker pair. If it’s real cold I’ll throw on more layers of shirts underneath. Get a little cold sometimes but it has worked for the most part.

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