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Rubber boots….
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From: BC173
I quit wearing them 20 yrs. ago and don’t notice any difference, although I always back door my way to my stands. And they’re sure as hell more comfortable. ( Meindl’s) How many still wear them, and do you actually think they are worth it?

Timex… I knew I’d get flamed but at least I got some archery threads started… lol

From: fdp
I rarely wear them anymore to hunt in.

I wear them all season. Never see any reaction to my trail

From: PAOH
Wear leather boots for hunting & rubber boots for winter/wet conditions around our property.

From: scentman
I always saw trappers in rubber boots, thought there was a reason for it. scentman

From: buckeye
I wore my work around the house boots one day last season ( these boots stay in the house) and watched a buck hit my trail and didn't like it one bit. Turned right around and walked 20 yards broadside and I got to fling an arrow. Don't know how I missed that deer, shot right under him. But I can't blame that on the boots! I know better than wearing inside the house stuff ( all my gear stays outside on the porch all year) but they were more comfortable. Won't do that again.

From: fuzzy
I wear rubber barn boots all day every day. My arthritis is so bad I can't tie lace up boots and bending over to put on boots and shoes is tough. I scuffle my way into a pair of thick socks then step into the boots

From: TGbow
Only reason I wear rubber boots is because I hunt in a lot of wet areas.

From: Will
I wear them in wet areas and later season because my Muck's are quite warm and high so they keep the snow out well.

A few years back I started to wear hiking boots with gaiters - both sprayed well with Permithrin. This option was much cooler for early season, and has done well keeping the ticks off. I tend to use that approach as much as I can.

I've noticed no difference between those two methods in terms of deer sightings.

From: x-man
The only bowhunting boots I own are rubber chore boots.

From: 4nolz@work
I do because I hate wet socks there are smaller ankle high options,I use them because I usually squirt a little fox urine on my boots

From: Basil
Been wearing rubber knee boots for years. Just seems right. If I don’t brush on knee high vegetation deer less often smell where I’ve passed. Due to some foot problems I’ve been forced into using leather boots with a stiff sole more often now. Has been painful/uncomfortable climbing screw in steps without the added support. Seems like now more deer are smelling me without the rubber knee boots.

From: air leak
I stopped wearing rubber boots 4 decades ago.

My feet sweated too much, and got cold too fast.

From: shade mt
For what its worth, i raised hounds for years. Was pretty common for them to find me by tracking me down. I almost always wore rubber boots.

From: Candor
I wear them because they are the most versatile and for my foot comfortable enough. Better than having to keep an extra pair of boots in my vehicle and change depending on the cover or path I may choose.

We it get cold i wear my snowmobile boots made by Klim. Light comfortable and feet never get cold.

From: fdp
You are never going to defeat a deer or a dog's nose with rubber boots.

Yep, I stopped wearing them about 30 years ago for the most part. I work in them in the yard. I always take them to camp because they are nice around camp. But, I don’t hunt deer like a lot of people.

I wear gaiters with hiking boots or leather boots. Exclusively. I only hunt in my hunting boots too. Rest of the time they are dried and stored in a Tupperware tote.

From: Glunt@work
I may wear them if its wet or muddy. I don't choose boots based on scent control. Not that keeping scent down doesn't help, I just never saw enough benefit to be worth the hassle and have watched deer, elk, bear's and dog's noses work enough to figure I'm not beating them.

I hunt assuming everywhere I walked stinks, everything down wind can smell me and everything I can see could also see me.

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