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Your favorite bow setup from the past
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Will 01-Mar-24
RonP 01-Mar-24
DanaC 01-Mar-24
ILbowhntr 01-Mar-24
Bowboy 01-Mar-24
fdp 01-Mar-24
nchunter 01-Mar-24
From: Will
Sweet! I worked in an archery shop in college a bit and we sold Hoyt's. Fond memories of those early 90's Hoyts (a little later than yours).

My favorite old bow was a Pearson Renegade III which I killed my first deer with. I shot it with a fingers and a flipper at first, then a TM hunter style rest with a rope release and ultimately an overdraw with a rope release. The overdraw version is what I shot my first deer with. Easton superlight aluminum arrows, cant recall the size... And wasp 3 blade 85 grain broad heads. Good memories!

From: RonP
i had a one-piece bruin recurve that i killed elk, antelope, and deer with. if i had to choose that would be a favorite.

From: DanaC
Browning Safari, the compound version with a wooden riser. Took my first with that bow back in '81.

From: ILbowhntr
Hoyt Deviator Carbonite w/Command cam.

From: Bowboy
My favorite so far is my Hoyt 2014 Carbon Spyder Turbo. I just bought a Hoyt RX8 liking it so far.

From: fdp
60" 64lb. Groves Mag II that Harold built for me.

From: nchunter
Martin cougar magnum with check-it sites pins. xx75 aluminum arrows with feathers. It barely had 35 to 50 percent let off at 70 pounds. I bet I killed over 50 deer with this setup. My favorite part of the whole thing was my upper pin was tritium. Youngs eyes and that pin made me deadly till the end of shooting light for deer. . On a full moon I could easily kill coons walking next to a cornfield.

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