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Ground hunting whitetails
Whitetail Deer
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From: Kanati
How many hunt whitetails from the ground? Not in blinds but just using natural spots. You use a tree seat or a chair? Im starting to do more as im a dedicated climber user. My seat is a hang on stand set as low as possible with some cover next to me. I like to stand more then sit and the stand gives me level place to stand plus i can keep a slim profile against the tree. Pics if you have any.


Altitude Sickness 's embedded Photo
Altitude Sickness 's embedded Photo
Maybe 25 % ground without a blind

Rarely, it’s effective but I like seeing what’s coming to decide if I shoot or pass.

Just turn 68 and hunted off the ground my whole life .Have tried my son’s tree stands and you definitely see more things going on in the woods and it gives you more time for your shots.Nothing beats the competition of shooting a deer when you both realize you only have seconds to react to see who wins that day.I do believe you will shoot more deer in the tree stand but I have done just fine over the years .The ground will teach you to shoot fast though- like I said - seconds sometimes

Every slight advantage we give the animal ads to the appreciation.

Off the ground without a blind is exponentially harder than in a tree. So any whitetail is appreciated more.

But if you have a true mature whitetail scouted. A tree stand sure is nice.

From: TGbow
90% of my hunting in the last 48 years has been on the ground. I've always had a fascination with tree stands, I like the idea but somehow I always end up on the ground. If I hunted private land I'd probably have some low hanging stands set up.

Most of the time I can hide easier on the ground where I hunt. I've always use natural blinds..if it's a hot spot I will put more into the blind, more of a structure.

From: x-man
Never shot a deer from a stand. Probably a half dozen from a blind, the rest from a stool in natural existing cover. Ambush points along fence lines, shelter belts, standing corn, cattails, ect... Where I hunt there are way too many deer trails and most of them are in the open away from trees. You have to be mobile and flexible in your locations.

From: Catscratch
I like to hunt from the ground. Usually try to find some elevation and back cover. Always play the wind in my favor the best I can.

Sometimes I'll "spot and intercept" like I did with this cat. Find a little cover and move to cut them off.

From: PECO2
I hunted whitetails from the ground on my wife's family farm in Michigan, I just sat on a bucket and tucked myself in the brush or treeline.

From: Shug
No clue… but lots… several dozen I’d guess

From: Two Feathers
Hunting on the ground I will use the seat from my Lone Wolf climber or a four legged fold up sit or just a padded seat. Seldom do I use nothing.

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