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Whitetail Outfitter Recommendation
Whitetail Deer
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ewest0815 02-Mar-24
Knifeman 02-Mar-24
RK 03-Mar-24
From: ewest0815
I want some recommendations for a whitetail outfitter. I have been through the outfitter reviews on this site and some have been helpful, but a lot are old. I want to find a good outfitter and have a good experience. By good experience, I don't mean I kill a deer. Good lodging, meals, guides, set-ups... I just want to cut through the BS and get connected with the right outfitter. I am mainly interested in KY, OH, IN, and IL, but open to anywhere that provides a great experience. NO HIGH FENCE! Give me your favorite and any to stay away from!

From: Knifeman
I would go with Forest in Kansas.

Pm me when that starts working again.

Im a outfitter in Colorado. Flat tops adventures And i take a few guys in Kansas to help pay for my leases

From: RK
I don't really know of one per se but Forrest would be a good choice and also the place that Pat , the owner of this site, goes. That's based on their individual results.

be still. What difference does it make if Forrest is or isn't an outfitter

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