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Cheap wool socks
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Beendare 03-Mar-24
HDE 03-Mar-24
Dale06 03-Mar-24
Grey Ghost 03-Mar-24
Jaquomo 03-Mar-24
Beendare 04-Mar-24
Kurt 04-Mar-24
IdyllwildArcher 05-Mar-24
fuzzy 05-Mar-24
DanaC 05-Mar-24
From: Beendare
Has anyone tried the cheap wool socks on places like Amazon, 4 pair for $25

Yeah, I get it, the expensive ones are great- I have them.

Just looking to get opinions on the cheaper ones and how they hold up.

From: HDE
Are they 100% wool?

From: Dale06
Check the wool content. Some may have a very low % of wool.

From: Grey Ghost
Bruce, my wife buys me the Smartwool merino wool knock-offs at Costco, made by Kirkland. They are every bit the quality of Smartwool for a fraction of the price. I wear them daily. 72% merino wool.

For some reason Bowsite won't allow me to post the Amazon link, so here it is:


From: Jaquomo
Another vote for the Costo version. Can't seem to wear them out.

From: Beendare
I will check Costco thx. My problem is finding them to fit size 14’s

From: Kurt
Love the Costco wool socks but my size 13 feet end up with the toes bumping the sock ends. I pull to stretch them longer after every washing. Not sure I could stretch them to comfortable size 14 though but worth the try. At under $5 C per pair.

When I looked at the Costco ones, I seemed to remember thinking that the wool content didn't seem all that great and I passed. Maybe I'll check them out. I have to wear socks 24/7 in the winter up here and I end up changing out cotton socks several times a day or else my toes get cold because of sweat and I'm too cheap to wear my expensive wool socks on the daily.

That's me: about to drop $3500 on a new pair of binos, but won't wear $12/pair socks daily because they get holes in them too fast...

From: fuzzy
Avoid any socks sold by WalMart right now. Their supplier is having QC issues

From: DanaC
When I find a sock I like, I buy four identical pairs. That way as they wear out, I've still got plenty of the same to match up.

Bought eight midweight hiking socks decades ago, still have three of them. (They're getting pretty thin, only wear them for Summer use.) 75/25 wool-nylon last a long time.

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