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Idaho Whitetail Questions
Whitetail Deer
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bigwoodsbucks22 05-Mar-24
Zbone 05-Mar-24
Thornton 05-Mar-24
BullBuster 06-Mar-24
Still planning this hunting trip I want to take my dad on this year as some of you may remember. This has been incredibly daunting figuring out points in different states and for different species. Anyways, I have found what appears to be a very appealing place out of Bovill, Idaho (northern Idaho). It fits the bill for everything we are looking for an its very accommodating for my dad's lack of mobility. My question is, what is the whitetail hunting like in northern Idaho in November? I know absolutely nothing about the area. Have the wolves had an impact on the herd? Has EHD or CWD effected the area? The outfitter is "Idaho Whitetail Guides" if anyone has heard of them? Any info I can get on what the whitetail hunting is like up there would be great. Its a rifle trip mid November and he will be mostly hunting out of ground blinds. Thanks!

From: Zbone
Mid-November at that latitude your timing will be perfect for peak rut..

From: Thornton
Idaho is one state I probably won't return to in a while. Too hard to find a decent buck, or even a deer period.

From: BullBuster
Live a couple hours south of there but drive through nearby Deary often. farmland and timber around there. don’t think many wolves there. Good genetics for WT but age structure the question. Really mild winter so far. Not familiar with that outfitter.

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