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From: Verdehnter3
It's been 21 years since I've purchased a new bow. Never had an inclination or desire to upgrade until now. Even though I archery hunt every year, I haven't kept up on what is the latest and greatest in new bows. I've heard that across the board, the big names are all about equal with quality and function, and it is really personal preference on what feels good to shoot.

With that being said, I have recently shot a few, including a couple of last year's models. I shot the Hoyt VTM 34 and was impressed with how smooth the draw is. I shot it next to a PSE Fortis 33. They both felt really good, but the Hoyt drew smoother. I would prefer something closer to 30-31" ATA and know Hoyt made a VTM 31. Given it is last years' model, no local shops around me (within 100 miles) has one available. I plan on shooting some of this years' models, including a Prime and the Mathews Lift.

Is it worth getting the latest and greatest? I don't skimp when it comes to quality products, but I can get the Hoyt VTM 34 for $300 off, and the Fortis for the same, putting it at $900 ($1,100 for the Hoyt). I have found the VTM 31 online at other archery shops across the country for $999. My problem is not knowing the difference in shooting the 34 vs. 31 (if there is one) before ordering it and not liking it.

Give me your expertise please!! Thanks

From: Bou'bound
If you have not upgraded since essentially the turn of the century, I think you’re gonna be thrilled with whatever you choose

Hoyt RX7 is the best bow I've ever shot.

From: BC
Im looking too. A buddy of mine who keeps up with the latest and greatest suggests that I check out the Elite ERA. Haven’t shot it yet but I’ll try it along with a Hoyt. A lot of great options out there.

From: Fulldraw
I second what Forrest said…Hoyt RX7 is amazing

From: Beendare
4 are not going to see a huge difference ....20 years...hell yes, you will be shocked!

From: 12yards
If you only buy a bow every 20 years, you don't need this year's model. Get the VTM and go.

From: longsprings
Oh yes , the lift is amazing A bit lighter , smooth And whisper quiet

From: Bowboy
Go to your local shop and shoot all the different bows I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised on the newer technology. I just purchased a new Hoyt RX8 and love it. Good luck!

From: milnrick
Short answer: YES! The performance of today's bows will blow your mind.

That said, find a bow shop that offers multiple brands and try each of them as Bowboy suggested, but with an added twist - shoot each of them blindfolded. You'll know quickly which fits your needs and shooting style best.

From: Will
I'm in a similar spot, and really pondering it... Shooting current bows, it's amazing. They are super, super nice. I know it's lame, but go shoot a bunch. Hard to get a "bad" bow today... Maybe you like the draw on a Hoyt more than a Matthews or Elite or Bowtech or whatever. But all are putting out amazing rigs. I think "user feel" is really key to the purchase.

From: Verdehnter3
Thanks for the comments. As mentioned, I have shot some, and will be shooting more. The one I absolutely did not like when I shot it last week was a Bowtech. Just didn't feel right and the grip was way to thin for me. Mathews and Prime are next on the list as I have not shot those newer models yet. The Hoyt was great, the PSE was next, but I am open to anything at the moment.

From: Beendare
I'm in the same boat as Will...coming off of shooting a recurve exclusively for about 15 years and wanting a Compound for a couple hunts.

I bought a 2 year old compound used for about 1/2 off- same with a couple accessories. This bow literally has the same cams as brand new...and it's in really good shape.

Heck, the tax alone on a new bow setup here is $200. Yeah, I have my cheap shoes on- Grin. I had no problem buying the NL Bino new- but these bows are like a new car- lose a lot of value when you drive them off the lot.

From: Verdehnter3
Update….,shot the Mathews Lift 29.5, Hoyt Alpha X, and a Prime. Nothing compared to the Lift in terms of feel, smoothness, and shootability. Needless to say, I purchased the Lift this morning.

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