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Mn Deer Classic
Whitetail Deer
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Basil 09-Mar-24
Dale06 09-Mar-24
duckhunterbrad 11-Mar-24
TonyBear 11-Mar-24
From: Basil
Checked out the Minnesota deer & turkey classic yesterday. Was a good show. Highlight for me was taking the time to enjoy Barry Wensels seminar. I’ve enjoyed their stuff for many years. He’s getting into the twilight of his years and is very interested in passing on some of his “old school, boots on the ground” hunting & scouting techniques. Has a genuine interest in igniting the passion of hunting the right way to a new generation of hunters. His new book “The Old Man and the Tree” is a worthwhile read. I sat through most of another seminar by “big name hunters”. It was mostly just the marketing of products which made me appreciate Barry even more. Melissa Bachman is as sweet & genuine of a person as you will ever talk to.

From: Dale06
I went today, line to get in was 20 minutes long at 15 minutes after doors opened. It was plenty crowded. Good show, lots of stuff to look at. Bought a KUIU jacket. Sat through a turkey decoy presentation, but really never learned much. The wall of monster trophy bucks was amazing. Glad I went.

Did you get a chance to stop by the Cut Weather booth? I believe they were previously sleeping Indian wool. They have a few items that look like they need to be in my closet!

From: TonyBear
Went on Friday just as they opened. Talked to Barry and got an autographed book. If it wasn't for him and his videos not sure my Godson, nephew and son would have picked up the sport. He did well in preparing the next generation for the fraternal spirit of bowhunting. Thank You sir.

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