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CO Private Land Elk Still Available
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ShoshoneAdventure 14-Mar-24
Pyrannah 19-Mar-24
Quinn @work 19-Mar-24
ShoshoneAdventure 20-Mar-24

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One of our outfitters still has some spots open for guided and DIY hunts on private land in CO. Some of the units are OTC while some are draw with "0" points. The dates and prices are listed here but shoot me a message for further info and I will connect you with one of our consultants that is also an elk guide Colorado.

Dates: · September 2, 2024 – September 6, 2024 · September 9, 2024 – September 13, 2024 · September 16, 2024 – September 20, 2024 · September 26, 2024 – September 30, 2024

Pricing: 5-Day, 2x1 Guided Archery Elk Hunt: $5,500.00 USD/PP (1x1 Guided +$1,250) 5-Day, DIY Archery Elk Hunt: $3,000.00 to $3,500 (Unit dependent) USD/PP

From: Pyrannah
is this legit? how aren't they filled if this is good hunting?

have to already be in draw for some areas?

From: Quinn @work

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Quinn @work's embedded Photo

Yes...this is legit. I get that question a is this (or another) outfitter not booked up? Bookings in the hunting industry come in waves....sometimes it's slow and then sometimes we can't answer the phones quick enough. There are SO many elk outfitters trying to fill their spots. Even some of the best outfitters in the top areas are not booked yet. They will be.....but not yet. If you want more info, just shoot me a message.

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