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Whitetail Deer
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Franzen 24-Mar-24
From: 25ftup
What are your thoughts on Outfitter camo? I have the Berber fleece and feel like it’s pretty effective. I was thinking of getting some new early season camo if it goes on sale

From: Kanati
I like it. I have the berber jacket. Blends in good.

From: Bou'bound
Very good stuff

From: Jethro
I like it a lot too. Have it in Microtex.

From: Mpdh
I have the mini Berber hoodie. Love that thing.

From: BrentC
I bought some of the Instinct line before last year. I like it. Like being able to try on and feel something before purchasing.

From: Glunt@work
I have a bunch in Microtex, berber and Wooltimate. Good stuff. Not that concerned with the pattern but I like that its a lighter overall shade.

From: Will
It's a solid pattern. I liked the quality of the clothes a lot more prior to the BPS take over, but overall the pattern is good.

From: Knothead
I like the mircrotex. The fit is very comfortable and not too hot for our AZ early fall hunts.

From: 12yards

12yards's embedded Photo
12yards's embedded Photo
I like the Berber Fleece in Outfitter Camo. I've been using mine for a long time. The Pros are it blends in well in a lot of different settings, it is quiet, and it is warm. The disadvantages are it is on the heavy and bulky side. That said, I've killed a lot of deer in mine. I typically use it when temps get down below freezing in the mornings warming to 40 during the day.

From: Scoot
I like it! It doesn't handle beggar's lice well, but is good otherwise. The pattern- it's fine, but that really doesn't impact outcome (hardly at all).

From: butcherboy
I have it in wooltimate with a vest and pullover jacket. Very warm stuff but it’s heavy. Mostly wear it when it’s really cold and I don’t have to pack it far before putting it on. Also alternate with my old Columbia wool parka, pants, and shirt/jacket.

From: 12yards
Scoot! Yes! Burs are hell with this stuff. Definitely.

From: fdp

From: rooster
It's a great pattern. The wife and I have several pieces each from Microtex to berber, and wooltimate.

From: Papadeerhtr
I personally think it's the best around, I have the wooltimate and love it! Mine has the wind shear to.

From: nchunter
If you like that then you would love code of silence. I have one of the first cabelas fleece coat they sold and its still in great shape. Its all super quiet.

From: air leak
I have the Wooltimate with wind shear, pants and jacket. It's my favorite pattern. It's warm and quiet.

I have worn this many times for early turkey season as well.

From: kakiatkids
I've had most of mine from back in the 90s when Cabelas was Cabelas. Great, great hunting clothes. New stuff just isn't on par. Problem is have lost some weight and a lot of it is just too big. I have had some luck on Ebay for the older stuff.

From: DanaC
Have a fleece-with-windshear pullover that is my go-to for the early season. 1 to 3 layers underneath gets me from early October to mid-November. Had it at least 15 years, still in great shape.

No idea if the newer stuff is as good.

From: Franzen
For fall, and especially late season, I think the pattern is a good one. I don't favor it for Spring turkey, but otherwise I'd rate it pretty high.

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