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Pulling into the stops
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fdp 19-Mar-24
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midwest 19-Mar-24
From: fdp

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From: Shug
What if my bow doesn’t have stops?

From: Murph
I’ve shot a hinge for 7 years for hunting practice everything, I only pull hard enough to keep the bow at full draw, pulling excessively hard doesn’t yield accuracy for me cuz I could t repeat it the same every time, resulted in left/ right / high low and didn’t aim any better for me, I find best repeatable accuracy to be static and relax, with that being said fatigue or being lazy in the back wall will cause creep which is a killer as well. Whatever works for some doesn’t for others though all depends on your shot

From: midwest
My latest bow is set up at about 75% let off so the valley is nearly non-existent. If I come off the stops at full draw, there's a good chance I'll send an arrow when and where I don't want to. It is teaching me to pull pretty solid into the stops but not as hard as the article describes. On my other bow, at 80%, I can get fatigued or just sloppy or my shoulder collapses and I may come off the stops. I'll hit low every time.

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