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UV Button-Stainless, any issues?
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AaronShort 19-Mar-24
Bowfreak 19-Mar-24
AaronShort 22-Mar-24
Rob in VT 23-Mar-24
From: AaronShort
I "pulled the trigger" and spent the money on the UV Button stainless steel thumb release. In less than 30 days the third finger screw sheared when I was mid draw. One piece went left and one right. My arrow launched about 25 yards down range. My initial thought was my new Mathews lift just blew up but fortunately the bow is fine.

The customer service is a little weird as they only communicate via text. But, within 24 hours they stated they are sending me a new release free of charge. It should arrive in less than a week.

Anyone else have this happen?

From: Bowfreak
I have read other issues about some of their products. I've never considered their products because they have tried and true competitors that all sell items cheaper than they do.

From: AaronShort
Customer service is top notch. I received a new release within 4 days.

From: Rob in VT
I have the non stainless UV Button. Have put about 70 arrows through my new Hoyt Alpha X with it. No issues yet.

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