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Code of Silence camo
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air leak 23-Mar-24
midwest 23-Mar-24
Kanati 24-Mar-24
Jaquomo 24-Mar-24
air leak 25-Mar-24
From: air leak
I have Cabela's Wooltimate, pants and jacket.

I'm looking at Code of Silence for later in the season.

Guys that have it, what do you like and dislike about it?

Please and thank you.

From: midwest
Pros: Very warm, very quiet, I like the pattern for treestand hunting, I LOVE the cuffs on the pockets, good value, especially when waiting on a sale.

Cons: It kind of bunches up when drawing and shooting a bow. Doesn't have the design like KUIU and Sitka have that allows you to draw the bow without pulling up the bottom of the jacket and bunch up around your shoulders and chest.

I also have the bibs but haven't tried them yet.

From: Kanati
I bought the vest last year and love it!

From: Jaquomo
Well made, and designed and made by the guys who designed the Cabelas Wooltimate (and Outfitter) gear.

As Midwest said, it is a little bulky. One thing they did think of was to shave off the fleece on the sleeve where a bowstring would contact it.

From: air leak
Thanks guys.

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