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Just want to give thanks today to Jesus for blessing us all and giving us so much in life to enjoy because of his sacrifice.Enjoy your day everyone,celebrate life.

same to you olde style...

one of our "traditions" on good friday is to watch The Passion Of The Christ with whatever family happens to be here. we havent missed many since the movie came out and even though weve watched it dozens of times over the is just as impactful as the first time we saw it.

From: 12yards
Amen brothers!

From: smarba
Amen, tis the season for "He is Risen!"

Amen. Better give thanks and praise the Lord for the sacrifice. Then, you’d better get busy living. We are all terminal.

From: LeeBuzz

Had a dream that Jesus returned. Jesus remained up in the clouds while believers ascended an enormous cloud of stairs. Felt excited to see Jesus and to be able to hike the stairs. But when I got to the entrance my heart became heavy with grief for those not able to ascend. So, I kneeled and prayed with full earnest and tears for those who were good people but had been deceived into believing this was just a fairytale. After several hours of praying the holy spirit lifted me up and as the last person I began to ascend the stairs. But to the world everything had occurred in a twinkling of the eye.

Please don't be a closet Christian by ignoring the urge to act on your faith. Choose to believe and you can be with Christ, the original inventor of love, or not and remain within this decaying rat race we created for ourselves. Either way this is not just a fairytale.

From: Whocares
My faith keeps me well grounded and enjoying life. I do trust in Jesus through good and bad.

Christ is King

From: Triax
John 3:16

Jesus saved me years ago and has always been there for me.

From: sundowner
God bless you all on this Good Friday. Especially those who may not believe in Him.

From: BC173
WV Mountaineer X2

From: TGbow

From: badbull
Happy Easter to all.

From: Meat Grinder

From: Recurve Man
Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice to save a sinner like me. Amen


From: Wymuley
I am amazed every day by His love and oatience with me.

From: Wymuley

From: 2Wild Bill
"Alone", by Benjamin H. Price, 1912

It was alone the Savior prayed In dark Gethsemane; Alone He drained the bitter cup And suffered there for me.

Refrain: Alone, alone, He bore it all alone; He gave Himself to save His own, He suffered, bled and died alone, alone.

It was alone the Savior stood In Pilate’s judgment hall; Alone the crown of thorns He wore, Forsaken thus by all.

Alone upon the cross He hung That others He might save; Forsaken then by God and man, Alone, His life He gave.

Can you reject such matchless love? Can you His claim disown? Come, give your all in gratitude, Nor leave Him thus alone.

Hear it here,

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