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Epic Bear Fight
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Tilzbow 30-Mar-24
milnrick 30-Mar-24
Jaquomo 30-Mar-24
Matt 30-Mar-24
Lost Arra 31-Mar-24
Mule Power 31-Mar-24
Buffalo1 31-Mar-24
From: Tilzbow

Tilzbow's Link
This might be old but it’s new to me. You’ll need an X (formally Twitter) account to view this. Not for the weak of heart for sure.

From: milnrick
That was wild.. thanks for finding and posting this.

From: Jaquomo
I got to watch a terrific fight once between a huge black bear sow with a cub, and a big boar. The sow ended up driving him off and saving the cub, but there was blood all over in the snow when it ended, with both adult bears bleeding pretty badly as they went their separate ways.

From: Matt
Amazing video, thanks for sharing.

From: Lost Arra
"competition for resources" I'm betting that's a flirty hot sow that looks good in her bathing suit.

From: Mule Power
Good Lord! I’ve seen and videoed my share of fights in the wild. I’ve watched bull elk, giant moose, caribou and grizzlies go at it. Turkeys are brutal to each other. They are usually pretty quick encounters, almost like hockey fights. They go at it until one opponent is obviously down and then it’s over. Not this one. It’s hard to watch really. You can hear their heavy breathing. And until you’ve been 20 or 30 yards from a grizzly no pictures or video can come close to doing it justice. The guys doing the filming have a lifetime of experience around brown bears. But you can even hear it in their voices. This is a wicked as it gets.

But it makes me think about how we live compared to wild animals. How foolish are we to do the same thing to each other? Over periods of years and centuries. We have invented reasons to disagree. To argue, and to go to war. These bears never heard of the Internet. They have never heard the names Trump or Biden. No politics, race or religion. No misunderstood texts. They fight over feeding grounds and mating rights. They fight to survive and procreate. We don’t have to do that kind of thing. Yet here we are. In five or 10 years, nothing will have changed for these animals. But look at what we have done to our world in the past decade. At this rate we, will probably be extinct before they are. And rightly so. In my opinion, there is no question, nature is the best teacher. When you hide those Easter eggs today, you should put some way back in the woods and let those kids do some exploring. You never know what might become of it. I’ve “wasted“ a lot of my life roaming around in wild places. No regrets. Thanks for sharing.

From: Buffalo1
Was this a PETA production ? One awesome fight- equivalent to three rounds of nonstop boxing ! Thanks for sharing.

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