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See Thru Blinds
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Groundhunter 02-Apr-24
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Highlife 05-Apr-24
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From: Groundhunter
Looking at the Tidewe, see thru blind. Big sale. For pop ups, any pros or cons on the see thru styles?

From: StickFlicker
I have no experience with it, other than to note that the 50% off sale seems to be their everyday price.

From: Ungie01201
I just picked up one of the smaller ones from the Tidwe sale... couldn't not try it for the price. Hoping to give it a shot for spring turkey.

My buddy has a see through and used it this year during deer season and really liked it. He shot a couple from it and so did his young son.

From: JTreeman
No experience with that brand, but a big fan of the see through type blinds in general.


From: sschultz
I bought one sent it back you can see though both ways

From: Tracker
I have hunted out of my buddies a couple times ad they are O for there price. I just couldn’t get used to the open view. Always felt the deer could see me. Give me a 360 Double Bull style anyway.

Bought a Double Bull Surround View blind last year. Compared to my older Double Bull Dark Horse it’s a PITA to set up, but absolutely love the 180° see thru.

From: Highlife
I'm not a fan of see thru blinds 'rimshot' all the old grumpy ones here at bowsite bitch about what weapon I'm using and what I'm wearing while I do it.

From: Aces11
I just purchased one of the Tidwe ones. Anyone ever use a see through for antelope hunting? I feel like I always keep it as dark as possible in there so they dont see me. I like to keep a window open and not shoot through mesh. Wondering if they will have a better chance of seeing me.

I just purchased a Tidewe as well Watched some reviews on You tube and 1 review had a link with a discount code Was skeptical at first but went to Tidewe website and they had the 3-4 person blind for $144 and when I entered the code it dropped it to $118.90 and with tax it came to $126 and change so I pulled the trigger on one Got it in around 4 days and set it up and it seems to look great At the price point I figured what the heck Antelope hunted numerous times out of blinds and wanted to try a see thru so not constantly peeking thru side slits Time will tell on the goats this fall but it's first trial will be on turkeys in a week or 2

I forgot to mention I went with the bigger blind because of the larger footprint for extra room and specifically for the height as all my other blinds I could not stand up without being hunched over When sitting in a blind for hours on end waiting for antelope being able to move around some and stand will definitely be a plus

Don’t hunt late season deer you will freeze See threw blinds are good for bear , turkey and early deer Wind rips right threw them and you will freeze in late season Better choices in my opinion

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