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Skid steer tiller
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MIKE 02-Apr-24
dnovo 02-Apr-24
ILbowhntr 02-Apr-24
Glunt@work 02-Apr-24
Vaquero 45 02-Apr-24
t-roy 03-Apr-24
GFL 03-Apr-24
WV Mountaineer 03-Apr-24
Hondolane 03-Apr-24
MIKE 04-Apr-24
BillObeid 04-Apr-24
KHNC 05-Apr-24
From: MIKE
Does anyone have any experience with a skid steer tiller? Half of my food plots are fairly small, and not accessible for larger equipment. I have a 40hp International and a 6’ disc, but I’m going to upgrade my skid loader with a newer track machine, so now might be the time to try a tiller on the new machine. Any advice on things to look for in a tiller? It seems like there’s a lot of no-name new ones for sale in my area.

From: dnovo
I bought one for my skid steer last year. I don't have a tractor any more and the skid steer is handy for many things but it does not do what a tractor can. I bought an off brand one that was new but not used from a guy and I used it to plant about 1/2 acre of sunflowers. I was happy with what it did to till the ground. It doesn't go as deep as a plow but probably as well as a disc. I'm going to till a couple areas soon to get in some food plots. I'm happy so far with it. The off brand was way cheaper.

From: ILbowhntr
Get a Harley rake for the skid steer, it’ll make the plot look like a golf course. Use them to dress up ROWs all the time.

From: Glunt@work
I run skids and/or tractors about every day farming. For field work, rent a neighbors tractor for a day if at all possible. Skids are fantastic for a lot of things but sorta painful to do field work.

From: Vaquero 45
Even with premium tracks added on to a SS. One is better off with an original compact track loader . IMO Glunt@Work has given you solid advice . BTW besides the leaders in the CTL dept like Takeuchi / Bota / Bobcat/ Case New Holland and Cat etc , People forget about the older equipment IHI stuff they were great imo , nowadays they are called " KATO " . Painted construction yellow . There based out of Kintucky , yes " Kintucky ! ..........

From: t-roy
Glunt X2. A tractor is just more versatile for plotting than a skid. If you’re going to get a skid anyway, why not rent a tiller for it, a time or two, to see if you think it will fit your wants, before buying one and finding out if it does or doesn’t work as you envisioned it?

From: GFL
I own both and a tractor is way more efficient than a track loader. Both are a must have on my place.

My buddy broke ground and tilled my garden with a skid steer with the tiller. It did fabulous.

A couple things to note. The ground was a mowed field. It’s was groomed very well for what it was and had been. So, there’s a good chance your ground may be different.

That tiller did a phenomenal job. I understand knowing how to get the best results was important. He’s a great equipment operator. He’s been running it for close to 35 years. He runs it for his living.

If your ground has been broken forgetaboutit. You’ll be glad to have it. And, you could literally work off the debt once a few people realized you had it.

From: Hondolane
I have a skid pro one.. their mad in MN and very tuff and bulletproof

From: MIKE
Thanks guys. I plan on keeping my small tractor, but will still upgrade to a newer track machine. I think I'll try to rent a tiller to decide if it's worth buying one.

From: BillObeid
If you owned a skid steer with a few attachments, would you ever use the loader arms on your tractors??

From: KHNC
I sold my Kubota 3501 and bought a skid steer end of last year. Its great in my opinion. I have used the rotovator to plant two spring plots, and i use it to prep my Motocross track at the house. Works great for both. I use the skid way more than i did the tractor. Only thing is you must get used to going in reverse to use the tiller. If you get a skid, get one with a rear camera!

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