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Okla legislature and CWD??
Whitetail Deer
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From: Lost Arra

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The Oklahoma legislature is proposing a "pilot program to enhance the genetic durability in whitetail deer against chronic wasting disease". It is primarily thru the Dept of Agriculture, Food and Forestry with assistance from the Wildlife Department. This tells me it's a captive deer initiative but they will be releasing deer into the wild. NDA is strongly against it.

Has anyone heard about "increasing genetic durability in deer"?

From: PushCoArcher
I'm all for it certainly better then the "kill them to save them" tactic that many states have done. Funny how they say this is based on unproven and emerging science. That literally could describe most cwd research it's all "emerging science". Glad that Oklahoma is willing to think outside the box and try something new.

From: kennym
"Additionally, research published in peer-reviewed journals suggests genetic selection in captive facilities could potentially counteract existing genetic adaptations in CWD-affected wild populations and may even heighten the risk of zoonotic transmission."

So are we admitting now that deer may develop resistance to the disease?

If it's always fatal and stays in the soil for ten years, why can CO and WY have any deer or elk left?

From: Nyati
Rarely do good things turn out when legislature starts charging game laws on their own

From: Topper
Unless I have missed something, I do not see how anyone can say cwd is 100% fatal. As I understand there is not a live animal test or if there is has been available for less than a year. Since that is the case we have no idea how many deer have it.

Because morbidity and mortality are not the same.

From: DanaC
"As I understand there is not a live animal test or if there is has been available for less than a year."

Excuse me, would you mind if I swab the inside of your mouth before I stick an arrow through you?

Kidding aside, breeding for disease resistance is what nature does anyway, but in a more random way. kudos to them for trying to apply stock breeding principles to this problem. Will it work? Even if they can produce a resistant strain, I can imagine problems of scaling.

From: Lost Arra
Thanks Ricky. Oklahoma legislators usually consider themselves far more knowledgeable than experts in most scientific fields.

Some people have completely lost the concept of "Wildlife" and Nature.

Pretty soon legislators will be dipping into game farms to "improve" the Wild deer herds.

Just stop it....

From: Pat Lefemine
I wish they would do that in NY, and while they’re messing around with the genetics maybe tweak the genome so they can grow more than 80”.

From: wytex
I believe some mule deer and elk have been shown to have genes that are resistant to cwd in Wyoming, at Sybille.

From: APauls
Adaptive animals adapting. Who woulda thunk it.

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