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Redemption String Issue... Get Rid of it
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WYOelker 11-Apr-24
craigmcalvey 11-Apr-24
Glunt@work 11-Apr-24
fdp 11-Apr-24
smarba 11-Apr-24
JohnMC 11-Apr-24
wyobullshooter 11-Apr-24
midwest 11-Apr-24
Bou'bound 11-Apr-24
Paul@thefort 11-Apr-24
DanaC 11-Apr-24
drycreek 11-Apr-24
JohnMC 11-Apr-24
blue spot 11-Apr-24
greenmountain 12-Apr-24
JTreeman 12-Apr-24
WYOelker 12-Apr-24
Matt 12-Apr-24
Highlife 12-Apr-24
From: WYOelker
Long, but opinions needed...

So last spring my then 13 year old son was lucky to receive a Bear Redemption EKO bow at the Wyoming Bowhunters banquet. He was super excited. He uses the bow for both hunting and 4H archery. He did like the bow, but twice now we have had the bow eat through the upper cam server string. An issue that appears to happen often on the bow now that I have done some research. The pro-shop guy in Casper(awesome guy) says there is no cam lean. I can not detect any cam lean. Someone suggested a second string stop at top. I am willing to try that...

However, my now 14 year old son has no confidence in the bow. Last July was the first time the string ate through. It was 5 days before he had shoot for his state competition. Luckily we got it fixed and everything looked great. He shot decent at state, not as good as he was before the issue. He then spent all fall shooting as he had a ewe sheep tag which he filled with the bow. After hunting season, hockey season started and the bow was put away. He started shooting again about a month and 1/2 ago. Monday this week he was practicing, and the server wore through again. Of course Wednesday was his shoot for county 4H and his qualifying for state. Since his bow was out of commission we dug out his sisters old purple Mathews mission. We got it set enough for him to hit paper but did not get everything set perfect in the one evening. He shot and was super frustrated etc. But he at least qualified.

So now to my question... I am tore... I like the adversity for him as it builds character resilience etc. But on the flip side as an adult if my bow was giving me issues I would simply move on to a new one...

1. Would you try to make this bow work? How far would you go to make it work? 2. would you look at dumping that bow and find something more reliable. Unfortunately we gifted his old Mathews Mission II to another 4H member, otherwise he could be shooting it...

From: craigmcalvey
If it was my kid, I’d toss the offending bow in the dumpster and move on. Having confidence in your gear is such a major component of archery that sticking with the current problem seems like a poor choice. Moving on seems like the best choice IMO


From: Glunt@work
I would reach out to Bear directly. It may be common enough that they have a fix.

If not, move on. Life is short. Keep that fire burning. Hopefully he progresses to shooting trad gear where there's less tinkering ;^)

From: fdp
"If it was my kid, I’d toss the offending bow in the dumpster and move on."....yep.....

From: smarba
agreed, move on if no apparent easy fix

From: JohnMC
I had a bow doing that several years ago don't even remember the bow for sure. But it had a very small burr on the edge of track the cable ran through sanded it with some fine sand paper and issue was fixed.

I had a similar problem as John, so I’d check for that potential problem first. If so, it’s an easy fix, otherwise I’d move on before he becomes discouraged with all of it.

From: midwest
Maybe it's the engineer in me but there's no way I could just fix the serving and not figure out what was causing the issue.

From: Bou'bound
You’ve built enough character with that adversity. Get the kid equipment that works and is safe. .

From: Paul@thefort
From Archery Talk, 2023, ie, Contributor states, My Bear redemption EKO has wear at top cam too. Bad wear! I had a bit of a bur on cam. Had to get it filed down. Right on the part of cam that sticks out and says EKO Save Share

From: DanaC
Drag a cotton ball over the suspect area and see if any threads get snagged. Only takes a tiny burr to grab and wear. Polish out as John suggests above.

From: drycreek
You can’t have confidence in your shooting if you don’t have confidence in your tool, whatever that may be. Get him another bow, he will shoot better !

From: JohnMC
Don't disagree necessarily with points above like drycreek. But learning to fix something you have is a valuable lesson in and of itself. Reason one a young man should learn he is capable of fixing his things a lot of the times and two the value of a dollar.

From: blue spot
at what point will he outgrow this bow ? My initial thought would be to change horses. But John makes a very good point. Learning how to fix and maintain your equipment also gives you a lot of confidence in using it.

I have to agree with John. I 'm betting there is a small burr on the cam as others have pointed out. There is something satisfying about fixing and maintaining your equipment .

From: JTreeman
If I can’t trust it out it goes. All my gear same way. No time/patience/energy for that. Life is short, get the best you can and be the best you can.


From: WYOelker
Thanks all. I have looked but cant find a bur. When I get the string replaced I will try and hit it with and see if we can fix it. He will not be out growing the bow as it can adjust draw length and let off. He also currently is shooting the 50-60 pound limbs and has the 60-70 limbs in the drawer.

I think when we take it to the proshop I will have him shoot other bows. He has never "picked" his bow he has just shot what was given to him. Mathews Mission first and then this bow he was given. He feels obligated to the bow because it was a cool gift from Pickard. But I also wonder what the right bow will be in his hand.

He did suggest that he might use a compound only for hunting and start shooting trad for competition.... So there is that. He tried my recurve and realized it is a different world.

I will keep you posted.

From: Matt
There used to be a place production the market called serving saver which essentially allowed you to serve over the existing serving, so that the stuff that wore was the aerving saver and not the serving itself. If you feel comfortable being able to apply that sort of product, that could be an option.

From: Highlife

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