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Cancellation AK Brown Bear Hunt
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Cancellation AK Brown Bear in SW Alaska out of Dillingham - Dates 9/29 to 10/10 - Fly commercial to Dillingham and charter to camp. Tent camp hunting salmon spawning streams - Reduced price $18,500 + $1,500 charter + tags/license. We have been booking for this outfitter for years....solid with a great reputation. Message for details.


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Hopefully it’s not in this area-

Wildwilderness - Be careful what propoganda you fall for. ADFG "intensive mgt" programs are required by our laws, targeted and specific, and designed with specific goals and objectives. Primarily to protect ungulate species from excessive predation and to provide table fare for hunting families.

Anti-hunters and their supporters in some media sources have gotten their panties wadded up over this project (and in fact ALL the projects!) But they are working just fine.

When you can kill that many brown bears in that size area, you would be better off assuming that the population there is quite dense!


I have no problem at all with the management, they should do it more places and take out the wolves as well!

Its just that there is no way I would pay top dollar to go hunt an area that just had aerial shooting of 94 bears (now if they were selective and left all mature boars that would be different. but they weren't. I have spoken to people who participated)

I don't care what you say about a dense population there is no way odds of success go up after something like that for a couple years. Now long term trophy quality may improve with less bear densities and more food and less competition for increased growth.

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