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Caribou Cape
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Smtn10PT 21-Apr-24
Mule Power 21-Apr-24
Mathewsphone 21-Apr-24
BoggsBowhunts 21-Apr-24
TEmbry 22-Apr-24
Smtn10PT 22-Apr-24
Mad Trapper 27-Apr-24
Speedgoat 27-Apr-24
From: Smtn10PT
Anyone have a spare Caribou Cape? I just got word from the taxidermist that mine came back from the tannery unusable. Bull was taken in the Brooks Range on Aug 10th so he still had pretty short hair. You can PM me details if you have one or know someone that might. I will be in Anchorage this spring and was hoping I could find one to bring home with me.


From: Mule Power
I have a nice cape from an older white maned bull from Quebec. I had two capes tanned but only mounted one.

From: Mathewsphone
My cape and horns where the fire in Fairbanks at the Tannery lost everything the caribou I'm sad to lose that but the poor guys that had big bears and sheep in there I kind of feel bad for those guys

If Mule Power’s cape doesn’t work, I’d call all the Alaska taxidermists I could before season. Some of them might either have extra capes on hand already, know of guys that consistently hunt them but don’t plan to get one mounted that would give/sell you theirs, or have somebody who brings one in with the cape but ends up European mounting it or something.

From: TEmbry
I don’t know of anyone holding one currently but if you strike out by your trip this spring keep in touch this fall and I can likely locate one for you.

From: Smtn10PT
Thanks guys.

Mathews...I caped out another bull and ended up leaving it at the fur tannery in exchange for a credit on my bill. Kind of wish I brought it home with me now! Hopefully they can rebuild.

From: Mad Trapper
I am looking for an early August, dark cape as well. Barren ground.

From: Speedgoat
I have an extra at the tannery right now. I never leave any behind just for this reason. Have several coues deer capes too.

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