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peterk1234 24-Apr-24
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Pop-r 24-Apr-24
From: peterk1234
Vortex Razor 11-33x50: These can be had for a pretty good deal if you look around because Vortex has replaced it with the 11-39x56. I just picked this up so we would have a light spotter for our up coming backcountry bear hunt. I own some good glass. I have a Kowa 88 spotter and Meopta meostar binos. Both top quality glass. But I gotta tell ya, for the money these can be bought for, it's really good glass. I was watching elk and antelope three miles from my house last night, right to dusk. I know these are not for looking at wildlife three miles away, but it was a pretty good test. The glass is clear and for its size it did a good job of light gathering. Paired with my light tripod and panhead, this whole setup is 3 pounds on the button. Plus, this tripod is already in my pack for my binos. Compare this to my kowa setup, which comes in at 8 pounds. I'm very, very happy. If you need a little spotter for the backpack for those times you need to get more detail than your binos can provide, and don't want to drop 1500 bucks on a kowa 55, these can be purchased for around $500 if you look around.

From: RonP
thank you. just noticed cabela's has these at a reduced price and an additional 15% off with code VORTEX15.

From: Pop-r
I bought one when they came out and have it in my gear but haven't used it since the first time I did use it. It's ok but just equal to my binocs so I gained nothing I thought. I paid about $700 or so I believe. Lol

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