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power plant seed
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Jimmyjumpup 02-May-24
Smtn10PT 02-May-24
drycreek 02-May-24
olddogrib 02-May-24
From: Jimmyjumpup
I have about 5 bags of power plant seed that are a year old. Can I still plant them? They have been kept dry.

From: Smtn10PT
Yes you can still plant them. Germination percentage will be a less than fresh seed but you should still get results.

From: drycreek
I have planted seed that were three years old, as Smtn said, germination might not be ideal so up your lb. per acre about 20% and you should be good.

From: olddogrib
Okay, I'll bite. Is this code for "wildwood weed"? Reminds me of a novel (can't remember the title) about some guy putting cocaine in a mineral lick to make the next world record whitetail kill-able and turns it into a hunter serial killer. "The Purification Ceremony" by Sullivan was another good read that'll have you looking over your shoulder on the way to your tree stand.

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