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From: Duke
Looking to hear from any of those who have personally been to Canada and can recommend a lodge. I’m looking to bring entire family up so it must be family/mom friendly. American plan is preferred. Would like to drive, but not opposed to fly-in. Thanks for any thoughts in advance.

From: Who Cares
Pine Beach Lodge on Eagle Lake just west of Dryden is an excellent family spot with great fishing. Aerican or housekeeping pan. Drive to.

From: keepemsharp
Been to Red Lake in NW Ontario. Quite a drive but they have several fly-inn places pretty neat.

From: Bowboy

Bowboy's Link
Went last August to Big Hook.

From: t-roy
Up until a few years ago, we have gone up to Red Lake, Ontario for the last 35-40 years, with Viking Outposts. It changed hands a year or two before COVID hit. They’re now called Black Moose Outposts. They have recently done some significant upgrades on their American plan cabins/lodge. Definitely worth a look! Good people, IMO, and some excellent fishing, as well. Their email is [email protected]

From: grape
Leuenberger air service out of Nakina Ontario. Been going there since the 70’s.

From: fdp
Whitefish Lodge in Ontario.

From: Lineman21
Cat Island Lodge. We love it there.

From: gobble50
I HIGHLY recommend Maynard Lake Lodge. https://maynardlake.com/ I took a terrific moose there a few years ago and the fishing was unbelievable- even for a guy that had been to Ontario MANY times. Can’t wait to take my grandson there!

From: Insheart
Like T-roy, been going to Red Lake, ontario for about 30 years. Great fishing. Google, resorts Red Lake ontario.

From: APauls
That's like asking for a lodge without saying what species you're after! lol. What species are you after? Numbers? Trophies? Guided? Unguided?

From: dakotaduner
Cat Island lodge. Flew in with 10 family members. Can't say enough good things about the food and fishing. Walleyes, Northern and good-sized trout. Wherever you go make sure to get good sober guides.

From: Aspen Ghost
What is meant by the term "American Plan"?

I took the family on a fly in trip with Air-Dale out of Wawa area. They also have a drive up lodge, we just never made it over to there. We all had a good time!

From: Brotsky
Aspen, I believe the American plan is where you sit around and get fat and talk about politics all day instead of fishing ;)

Seriously though, the American plan includes meals, the housekeeping does not.

Aspen American plan they feed you you don’t bring your own food



From: Duke
Brotsky is correct.

APauls, yes I should have clarified a bit… Being the fact that it’s the WHOLE family I’m looking at multi-species areas with amenities that will keep the mass happy. ;)

Thanks for all of the responses, which have allowed me to dig deep the past few days. I did get one booked for the time frame I was looking for and will follow-up with a non-bow hunting related post in a short bit, which will hopefully have be riddled with photos!

Thanks, bowsite members!

From: spike buck
Google Sunset Country Adventures. Edward Lake. Just North of Vermilion Bay. Great family camp and fishing. On Indian Lake chain of lakes

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