Great video.
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WV Mountaineer's Link
The title says it.

From: Catscratch
Last scene was the best!

Splatter video with a lot of poor hits and the penetration on most was for squat.

Not a fan of the genre…

From: Shug
Lantern you probably didn’t watch the same video… while I’m not a huge fan of money shot videos there weren’t many bad hits ( if any)

From: butcherboy
I used to watch him when I was big into stickbows. He is from Canada and gets his boy out hunting with him a lot. Pretty Much all self filmed and he makes a great quiver for stickbows.

Chad, I saw that quiver. Where can I look at one?

From: butcherboy
Justin, sent you a private msg with the website.

From: Scoot
Cool video! Corax-- love your positive attitude! :)

From: c3
That's awesome !!!

Thanks for posting up Justin

Cheers, Pete

From: Zbone

Zbone's Link
WV Mountaineer - "I saw that quiver. Where can I look at one?"

Look up Eagle Flight Archery:

From: deerslayer
Love it!!!

From: Mint
Love those simmons broadheads too. I was surprised those deer didn't bolt before the shot but that's the beauty of hunting unpressured deer.

From: butcherboy
I wouldn’t say they are unpressured deer. Those are just short clips of successful shots. If you search it out you will find his videos with many blown opportunities and spooked deer.

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