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From: db999
Moving houses and taking down my moose mount for the first time since i hung it in 2018, question being what kind of care (if any) would you do for it while i have it down. No signs of degrading, hide is a little dusty on top, but what would you do if anything before hanging it at the new place to help preserve it? Who knows how long it will be before I get the chance again.

From: Insheart
Following -

From: Groundhunter
I dust all my mounts, and have a grooming spray taxidermist, I use every six months, on the hides and hair. At 75 no more mounts, but my grandson loves them

I had all my mounts stored in a garage for a year while building a new house. When I moved in Dennis Razza (Razza’s Taxidermy) told me to use an air compressor to clean them. They all looked brand new.

From: Matt
I recently cleaned mine and used a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment on the hides and wet paper towels on the antlers/horns. The difference was (embarrassingly) night and day.

From: Tilzbow
I wipe my mounts with damp towels about twice each year. If I was taking one off the wall that hadn’t been cleaned in years I’d blow off with a compressor first, vacuum, then wipe with some very damp towels.

From: Jim McNamara
Compressor works best. Always blow with the lay of the hair. For fur you can blow backwards and then reverse the air and it will groom and soften the mount. Birds, I use air , but I know what I am doing. Swiffers work great for feathers and even small game like squirrels. No idea what you could spray on a mount that would be good for it but I guess I could still learn something after almost 50 years as a Taxidermist. Seen lots of gimmicks though, lots.

From: Bou'bound
Vaseline or olive oil on nose and eye corners.

Like several above, I feel a good blow job prior to mounting, works well.

From: Swampbuck
Lmao!! Good one

From: Mad Trapper
Ike for the win…

like matt...the only thing i do is clean them with a vacuum with brush attachment...making sure to go with the way the hair lies. i do this two or three times a year.

From: Live2Hunt
idyll, I like your thinking!!! After blowing them off, you can also take a rag sprayed with lemon pledge and wipe down the hair on your mounts.

From: db999
Thanks Everyone!

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