Well wishes for GEORGE STOUT (&family)
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From: Stix

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Many of you may not know George Stout over on the leatherwall has been afflicted by some health issues. George has been a staple of the traditional community, operatied an archery shop in PA prior to the advent of compounds. He has offered wisdom only a man with his experierce can offer.

Love him or perhaps not, attached is a link to offer kind words as he goes through trials we all will face. To those who fit into the "perhaps not" category, I'm not here to judge, as it's never too late to clear the air in good fashion.

From: DanaC
I used to spend more time on the Leatherwall and always considered George to be one of the 'elder statesmen' of our sport. Hope he pulls through and continues to offer his well-thought-out opinions.

From: sticksender
Too bad, hate to hear that. I rarely read a lot on LW but I did know he was a major contributor over there.

From: Groundhunter
I use to read LW, all the time, when I shot Trad. Prayers for his gentle soul.

Peace be with George and his family.

george is a wealth of knowledge on the traditional side. hopefully he recovers quickly.

From: t-roy
Prayers sent for George and his family, for peace and comfort.

From: BC173
We all should be lucky that George resides , here, on Bowsite. He’s just a wealth of knowledge. Continued prayers to George and his family.

From: TGbow
Prayers for Mr George

George has been my friend for nearly 40 years. What he's going through now is something we all know is coming but that doesn't make it any easier. My prayers are for George, Carol, and their family to find peace.

From: Zbone
Continuing thoughts, get well soon George...

From: yeager
Prayers sent to George and his family. Spent a lot of time on the LW when I primarily shot with trad. equipment and always respected his wisdom. God bless!!

From: buckeye
We're pulling for ya George. I hope you recover promptly buddy.

From: Stix

God bless George and his family with peace in these difficult times.

From: TreeWalker
George - Peace be with you and your family. The journey continues.

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