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From: skull
I’m looking for a recommendation on archery pronghorn in Montana I couldn’t find any sponsors You can PM if you’d like


Breakfast Boy's Link
I have been out to Big Sky Outfitters twice. The first time was in 2009 and I arrowed a nice buck. The second time I was just a spectator as my wife was doing the hunting. She didn't kill an antelope, but we saw plenty of P&Y sized bucks. My 2009 buck would probably just barely make P&Y minumum, but I never had him scored. Bud and his family run a great hunt. The lodging and food are both fantastic. Plenty of members from the Indiana Bowhunter Association have hunted with them and hopefully some will chime in here. Definitely would be worth your time to look into Big Sky if you want to hunt antelope in eastern Montana.


Hunted with them about 10 years ago or so. I would recommend them. Good people and was a good place to hunt.

From: skull
Thanks for the info I’m in for the draw with 2PP hopefully I’ll draw

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