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BEAR ARROW set up?
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Bou’bound 28-May-24
Ace 28-May-24
Matt 28-May-24
No Mercy 28-May-24
Charlie Rehor 28-May-24
Bowbaker 28-May-24
molsonarcher 28-May-24
ahunter76 28-May-24
BCPYGuy 28-May-24
ILbowhntr 28-May-24
Ambush 28-May-24
Corax_latrans 28-May-24
Shug 28-May-24
Matt 29-May-24
carcus 29-May-24
Treeline 29-May-24
Coondog 29-May-24
BowJangles 29-May-24
Mike Ukrainetz 29-May-24
mountainman 29-May-24
Corax_latrans 29-May-24
BOWNUT 29-May-24
Copperman 02-Jun-24
TEmbry 02-Jun-24
From: Bou’bound
What is your set up for a bear arrow. Shaft type. Weight. Broadhead type. Throw in draw weight if you are feeling a high need to disclose additional information. We will assume this is about black bears over bait unless specified differently.

Let’s see what the spectrum covers.

From: Ace
I use my deer arrows, Easton 6.5(?), 29 Inches long. I have always used Slick Trick 100g standards to good effect until this year. Trying Iron Will single bevel 2 blade 100s for a change of pace.

Sitting in a tree now, I hope to test the new heads. Soon.

From: Matt
My hunting anrrows are Easton 5mm Axis 400’s cut to 27”, std HIT, IW 10 gr. Ti collar and a 125 gr. vortex 2” steel.

From: No Mercy
65 lb bow. 425 grain Easton 4mm Axis Long Range arrow. Sev'r 2" cut broadhead


Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo
Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo
Rib bones are very small on a bear. Hit ‘em in the lungs and he’s down under 100 yards.

I use the same set-up as whitetails. 440 grains at 60 pounds.

From: Bowbaker
I used a 500 spine golftip with a 200 grain super express up front. Bow is a 47# Sierra Blanca Thunderbolt static recurve

From: molsonarcher
Ive used several setups. Most recently, 2 weeks ago was Black Eagle Rampage @ 353 grains total weight. 100 grain G5 Deadmeat broadhead. 64# bow, 28.5” draw.

From: ahunter76

ahunter76's embedded Photo
ahunter76's embedded Photo
Same as most of my biggame. 29" 2216 Aluminum tipped with a 125 gr 3 blade fixed. Bears with 53# recurve, 60# Compound & 55# compound. 55#s one in photo. Pass thru @30 yds., Heavy, fall Bear, 19" even skull, rug, 6'4" nose to tail..

From: BCPYGuy
400 grain Easton Axis going 265 fps with a QAD Exodus up front. Unless you hit shoulder bones you’ll blow thru them with a whitetail setup.

VICTORY VAP SS 300 with 75 grain outsert, 100 Grain Ironwilloutfitters S100 @ 505 grains with #65lbs.

From: ILbowhntr
27.5” Axis 5mm 300 wrapped with AAE Max Hunters, standard HIT, VAP footers and a 125 Black Hornet. Switching back the 125 Exodus. Comes in at 490 if memory serves, shooting 65#.

See if this ends up as a double post.

From: Ambush
Same set up for everything except I use Rages for bears.

Axis shafts cut to 29” and collared, 50gr brass insert for a total weight of 465gr. with 100gr heads. Sometimes use 125’s.

65# at 29” DL.

A bear that’d drink Budweiser DESERVES to get shot!

Last year, I bought a bear tag (add-on) and planned to use my Elk arrows — 27 3/4” Legacy Carbon 340 with 225 gr of Ace Standard (and adapter) up front. I suppose if I were specifically hunting bears over bait, I’d (ideally) go with a Doug Fir woodie and a 200 gr Ace Super-Express up front. That’s a 1 7/16” width 2-blade COC. Oughtta do it.

From: Shug
My normal deer arrow… FMJ 400 With a 100 gr insert and 125 gr Innerloc 3 blade 485 total weight

From: Matt
Shug, what is your cut length, draw length, and poundage? Thinking about upping my poundage (still at 60# which I went to a number of years ago after a shoulder separation) and am wondering how much more poundage I could get away with spine-wise?

From: carcus
I've used 340-475gr, all worked equally as good, I'll take speed in a hunting situation over weight, it seriously helps for those 24 or 33 yard shots!

From: Treeline
So, upping the game to a brown bear… any difference in arrow/broadhead from those that have gone after the bigger bears?

From: Coondog
Easton Axis Long Range 250 spine. 100 grain Sevr 2.0 deep six, 100 grain Iron Will deep six HIT, 10 grain Iron Will impact collar… 210 grains up front. Four fletch AAE Max Stealth with a wrap, and AAE IP4 nocks. 536 grains total arrow weight flying at 294fps. 30 inch draw length, 84lb draw weight, 85% let off.

From: BowJangles
Pulling ~48#'s @ 29.5 w/560grn Safari Tuff Taipan 3 fletch arrows (shield cut), .500 spine, standard aluminum insert, 200grn Iron Will S200 Buff head, three under, bearpaw bodnik speed glove and a partridge in a pear tree.

I refer to this as my DEI set up since it kills everything (black, white and brown) with equality.

We love a big mechanical broadhead for bait hunting at under 20 yds. 3 blade, wide cut like a wasp, jak hammer. We never lose a gut shot bear with them, we lose some gut shot bears with a fixed blade head. I personally use a fixed ironwill fixed blade for my fall hunts though, mainly for elk and moose, sometimes deer with angled shots and spot and stalk, calling etc.

It is interesting with bears on video how they will react to the sound of the bow going off, fast enough to affect where the arrow impacts and I don’t think any bow is fast enough to avoid it. They are not jumping the string like a whitetail, it’s just a big flinch. I do wonder if a really heavy arrow, 600-700 grain finished weight and would get rid of a lot of that noise and have the added bonus of say breaking the offside leg bone? Hopefully the mechanical head could stand up to that bone breaking?

From: mountainman
I use my standard arrow that use for 90% of other animals. 27in Victory Vforce 350 spine. 167 gr up front(125 gr head plus 42 gr insert). Total arrow weigh 440 gr. Currently shot out of a 65 lbs PSE fortis. Rage, sever or similar expandable.

“ I do wonder if a really heavy arrow, 600-700 grain finished weight and would get rid of a lot of that noise and have the added bonus of say breaking the offside leg bone?”

Well, I can tell you that in the single-string world, at least, heavier arrows usually ARE noticeably quieter, and if I’m going to add any load to the string, I would sooner have it be something that gets thrown down-range, rather than being tied into the string. Not saying that I shoot without ANY kind of string silencer, but the lighter, the better.

As for breaking leg bones…. Compounds generate so much impact force that I have trouble imagining a mechanical surviving a heavy bone hit, with the likelihood of a catastrophic failure going up at a steeper rate than poundage, I suspect.

OTOH, everybody says you really can’t hit that off foreleg without putting your BH through the 10-ring, so as long as the mech doesn’t fail until it’s passed clear through the thorax, it probably doesn’t matter much. Does a dead-on-its-feet bear go farther on 4 legs than 3, or just take a straighter line??

Good news (IMO) is that because heavier arrows are less likely to plane on you (because Slower), you can maybe use a wide, COC fixed without so likely introducing an accuracy issue?

Maxima Red 350. 28" long. Gold tip weight system on the factory threaded insert. Nocturnal nock. Three Blazer vanes and arrow wrap. 100gn Black Hornet. 479 gn total. Mathews V3 31 at 63# With a standard nock 460. Whitetails and Bear.

From: Copperman
Goldtip 300 Ultralight, 50 grain insert, 125 gr Vipertrick total weight 480 use for everything but change head to Rage Hypo for turkeys

From: TEmbry
Same arrow I hunt all big game with…. 300 Gold Tip Hunter Pros with AAE Hybrid vanes and 125 grain broadheads up front (pick your flavor from year to year, currently have slick trick mags and 2” sevrs in the quiver.

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